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Hunters Take Aim at Deer Season

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) This weekend marks the start of deer season in Western New York. The DEC is reminding hunters of the rules of the hunt.

Some 76,000 licenses have been issued for the upcoming season, and the rules for the most part are the same. "When you buy a sportsman license, you receive an antlered deer tag. The maximum is three on tags of your own," says Capt. Frank Lauricella. "Erie and Niagara Counties are shotgun counties, not rifle counties."

One new rule is aimed at preventing the spread of chronic wasting disease, and pertains to those hunting out of state. "You can't bring a whole deer in. You can only bring in a processed deer," says Lauricella. If you are bringing in a processed deer, it cannot have eyes, tonsils or brain matter.

Lauricella says safety also matters. "Assume every gun is loaded, keep your finger off the trigger until you fire, and hunter orange saves lives," warns Lauricella.

Hunting begins Saturday and runs through December 8th.

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