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Independence Day Fun Food Facts

As you fly the flag and fire up the barbie on the 4th of July, I thought you might enjoy digesting some fun food facts. According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service  and National Hot Dog & Sausage Council (who knew they even existed?!), did you know:
  • July 4th is the biggest hot dog day of the year with 155 million dogs consumed, enough to stretch from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C five times! No surprise, then, that July is National Hot Dog Month.
  • Which state on average eats the most dogs on July 4? Roughly one-fourth of all citizens of Iowa ate hot dogs and pork sausages on the holiday last year.
  • $1 billion result from the total revenue of boiler chicken from 6 of the nation’s states: Georgia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas.
  • Even the Dakota get into the mix: 2/5 of the baked beans we eat come from North Dakota, which produced about 39% of the nation’s dry and edible beans over the last five years.
  • Potato salad and potato chips are popular food items at any Fourth of July barbecue. On average, half of the nation’s potatoes come from Idaho or Washington.
  • Florida usually leads in watermelon production, totaling 861 million pounds/year.
If you’re not a carnivore and prefer a grilled carrot nestled in your hot dog bun (don’t knock it till you try it), here are some other meatless alternatives that you can toss on the grill:
  • Pineapple rings, topped with cinnamon and sugar
  • Portobello mushrooms, with their meaty flavor and texture, these ‘shrooms make a nice stand-in for a burger
  • Eggplant, similar to portobello mushrooms in satisfaction
  • Sweet potatoes or yams, terrific with butter, honey and cinnamon drizzled over them
  • Corn on the cob, personal fave, drizzled with butter and BBQ sauce

07/03/2013 9:00AM
Independence Day Fun Food Facts
Do you “dress” your dogs or eat them plain? What is your favorite Independence Day treat? Would you rather BBQ at home or go out?
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