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Inside Dinosaur BBQ

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Dinosaur BBQ is getting ready to open the doors to its Buffalo location.

The Franklin Street location will open Wednesday night to what is expected to be a large crowd.

Dinosaur owner and founder John Stage says that even if you've been to one of his restaurants elsewhere in the state, you can expect a different feel at the new Buffalo location. "If you've been to the other locations, this has got its own vibe, own feel," Stage said. "It's a Buffalo Dinosaur BBQ, so if you're used to Syracuse, this isn't going to feel like Syracuse. Every Dinosaur I like to have its own identity, and this one is uniquely Buffalo."

The walls of the restaurant are lined with pieces of Buffalo's past, and Stage says the layout took a while to finalize. "You have a set of plans, you start building, and then you see other things that can make it even better. It took longer (to finish), but I think the end product is worth it."

If you've never been to Dinosaur BBQ, what can you expect from the nationally acclaimed restaurant? Stage summed up Dinosaur for WBEN:

"It's souther Barbeque with our own slant on it. I'll let people make that call, I just think we serve damn good barbeque."


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