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Is Buffalo a Dysfunctional City?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) We're seeing dysfunction with the Sabres and the school board, two big things about Buffalo. But one local sociologist says that should not be viewed as a sign the entire city is dysfunctional.

With regards to the Buffalo Sabres, sociologist Dr. Ross Runfola says the Sabres' dysfunction is based on the interplay of personalities. "You have powerful personalities in Pat LaFontaine and owner (Terry Pegula) and along down the line," says Runfola. "The fact LaFontaine resigned the day after big trades may be significant."

Runfola has a strong opinion about what's behind the dysfunction in Buffalo Public Schools. "The school system has a level of dysfunction that goes right to the heart of the students, which is more critical I think," says Runfola. "I think we have a superintendent who is not quite up to the task."

Is Buffalo dysfunctional as a whole? "I think we're a little too introspective of this," notes Runfola. "I don't think this represents dysfunction in the whole city, these are just two separate examples of dysfunction happening in the city."

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