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"Is Governor Cuomo Unbeatable?"
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02/25/2014 6:42AM
Is Governor Cuomo Unbeatable?
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02/25/2014 7:48AM
Just a thought
When you people present stalwarts like Ted Nugent, Carl Paladino, Donald Trump etc. as your standard bearers, the voters will see to it that your opponent seems invincible. Please proceed.
02/25/2014 8:22AM
Not so much Cuomo but his opposition
Anyone who can put two sentences together should be favored over a contemporary Republican ... today's GOP is all Lenny and no George. Just watch ten minutes of FoxNews or listen to this radio station and it's obvious.
02/25/2014 12:03PM
The people have limited choices!
The citizens of NY have lived in a dysfunctional and struggling democracy for too many years. The current election and political system in NY fails to serve the people appropriately. This has resulted in numerous questionable laws, policies, decisions, taxes, and violations of civil rights and even the constitution. New York’s elections procedures and policies are so bad they essentially deny most citizens right to be heard. The Governor on down can do what they want regardless of what the people in different regions of this great state want. The people have limited choices and can’t even remove politicians from office in NY nor can we vote them out as in most election districts it’s nearly impossible to defeat an incumbent because of years of gerrymandering by both parties. Changes cannot come fast enough!
02/25/2014 1:34PM
He's a good governor.
Especially if you judge someone by the enemies they've made.
02/26/2014 3:40PM
hight property tax
we all seem to know what the problem is with property taxes but no political group will do any thing to lower it.the school tax is out of control. I had to move out of state to live a comfortable life. in tn a 3000sf new home is $2300 a year compare to $19000 in western ny.its time to put people in office that is going to work for the people instead of their self.
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