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Is Governor Cuomo Unbeatable?

The Siena Poll says Cuomo's popularity is still strong but slipping upstate, where most feel tough economic times are hitting harder than elsewhere in NYS.

Which could explain the extra economic development attention he has lavished on the region, most recently with an announcement Monday of 500 IBM jobs coming to a new state technical and training center to be established downtown .

  Siena Says: " Cuomo
Favorability, Job Performance Ratings Slip; Continues
to Lead Potential
Challenger by 40+ Points

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Is The Governor Unbeatable?
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 Political Reporter Dave Levinthal,
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s1642412369_30008750_1270 Former Deputy Erie County Exec. Bruce Fisher,
Visiting Professor and Founding Director of SUNY Buffalo State's Center for  Economic and Policy Studies

 Political analyst Carl Calabrese,
lobbyist and  former
Deputy Erie County Exec

Westchester County
Exec. Rob Astorino
ready to launch a Republican campaign for Governor.


Californians Polled on Social Issues and Governor and Senate RacesThe  latest poll from Siena College....
 in new numbers just released Tuesday morning, could go a long way in explaining the emphasis the Governor has put on the Buffalo region, with a major economic development announcement for Western New York unveiled in each of the past four months. (See Below Left)

CUOMO: Four Major Announcements
For WNY  in Four Months.

If it seems like the Governor has been paying extra attention to the region, it's because he has been.

In November, it was $150 million  aid for the Ford Buffalo stamping plant in Woodlawn. (350 jobs)

In December, the governor unveiled  a  partnership that will bring 800 clean energy jobs to a new $225 million state facility on Buffalo's waterfront. 

In January, the Governor announced a Buffalo Genomics Institute, and  $680 million commitment as part of his "Billions for Buffalo plan".

And Monday,. the governor unveiled a new state software facility that will bring IBM and approx.. 500 jobs to downtown Buffalo.

"I am going to Buffalo all the time, first of all because I love Buffalo. Buffalo hasn't got the attention it deserves, it hasn't had that partnership for a long long time."
-- Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in Buffalo Monday.

-"I know that people in Western New York often think they are overlooked by Albany, And I think Andrew  Cuomo wants to erase that narrative and a big electoral victory in the region is going to be one way or one piece of evidence he can present to say he's done that,"

- -longtime Albany Reporter Jimmy Vielkind, CapitalNewYork.com

From The Siena Poll: Verbatim

" Andrew Cuomo’s favorability rating fell to 60-35 percent from 66-28 percent last month and his job performance rating also fell from 54-46 percent last month to 48-51 percent today. However, in head-to-head matchups, he continues to lead Rob Astorino by 42 points (down from 48 points last month) and Donald Trump by 44 points (down from 48 points last month). By a margin of 56-32 percent, voters say upstate is having a tougher economic
time than downstate, although a plurality of New York City voters say downstate is in tougher shape.

A majority of voters,54 percent, are prepared to re-elect Cuomo,  compared to 37 percent who would prefer someone else (down from 57-33 percent last month). Rob Astorino has a negative 11- 15 percent favorability rating (down from 14-10 percent last month). Trump has a negative 31-62 percent favorability rating (down from 38-57percent last month).

“Cuomo’s favorability, job performance and generic re-elect ratings all fell this month compared to last month,with the biggest drops occurring with independent, downstate suburban and upstate voters. Virtually all of the gains that the Governor saw in his ratings between November and January have been lost, ” (Siena pollster Steve)  Greenberg said

Cuomo, Trump and Astorino were not alone, however, as the Assembly, the Senate and Hillary Clinton saw their favorability ratings drop by double digits this month.

“With the election now only eight months away, the Governor maintained huge leads in matchups against two potential Republican opponents. While both Astorino and Trump now have the support of a small majority of Republicans, they both continue to trail Cuomo by at least two-to-one with independents, and neither hits double digits with Democrats, who comprise 50 percent of the registered voters in the state.”

Majority Says Upstate Struggling Economically More than Downstate; City Voters Don’t Agree

“Most New Yorkers recognize that upstate is having a tougher time economically than is downstate, however, that view is far from universal depending on where you live. Upstaters say their region is hurting the most by a 79 -13 percent margin. Downstate suburbanites are more closely divided with 49 percent say ing upstate is having the tougher time and 39 percent saying it’s downstate. And New York City voters say that downstate is suffering tougher economic times by a 45-38 percent margin,"
Greenberg said.

ENTIRE POLL Read the Crosstabs | This Siena College Poll was conducted February 16-20, 2014 by telephone calls to 802 New York State registered voters. It has an overall margin of error of +3.5 percentage points. Data was statistically adjusted by age, party, region and gender to ensure representativeness. Sampling was conducted via random digit dialing to landline and cell phones weighted to reflect known population patterns

Amherst, NY (WBEN) - Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Western New York on Monday to tout his new state budget, and brought some jobs with him.

Cuomo announced that 500 new jobs will be created in Buffalo by IBM at a new 100,000 square foot training and technical center. Construction on the project is expected to begin this year.

"IBM is the right partner to have," Cuomo said about the deal on Monday. Part of the deal with IBM is that the company will keep current operations in the Hudson Valley.

Cuomo says that IBM's commitment was leveraged by a $55 million investment by the State in the Buffalo Information Technologies Innovation and Commercialization Hub. IBM will be the first anchor tenant in the Hub, which, in partnership with the Western New York Regional Economic Development Council, State Data Center, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, and University at Buffalo, will train IT professionals, educate new IT staff through State University of New York partnerships, and develop next generation IT software.

Cuomo also touched on topics that included the Common Core, which he said is the right path for education in New York but has been flawed in implementation, and taxes, which took up a majority of his speech.

Cuomo said that property taxes are what is driving people out of New York State, and too many local governments play a big role in that. Cuomo cited Erie County as an example of a municipality that has too many government entities that have taxing power.

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02/25/2014 6:42AM
Is Governor Cuomo Unbeatable?
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02/25/2014 7:48AM
Just a thought
When you people present stalwarts like Ted Nugent, Carl Paladino, Donald Trump etc. as your standard bearers, the voters will see to it that your opponent seems invincible. Please proceed.
02/25/2014 8:22AM
Not so much Cuomo but his opposition
Anyone who can put two sentences together should be favored over a contemporary Republican ... today's GOP is all Lenny and no George. Just watch ten minutes of FoxNews or listen to this radio station and it's obvious.
02/25/2014 12:03PM
The people have limited choices!
The citizens of NY have lived in a dysfunctional and struggling democracy for too many years. The current election and political system in NY fails to serve the people appropriately. This has resulted in numerous questionable laws, policies, decisions, taxes, and violations of civil rights and even the constitution. New York’s elections procedures and policies are so bad they essentially deny most citizens right to be heard. The Governor on down can do what they want regardless of what the people in different regions of this great state want. The people have limited choices and can’t even remove politicians from office in NY nor can we vote them out as in most election districts it’s nearly impossible to defeat an incumbent because of years of gerrymandering by both parties. Changes cannot come fast enough!
02/25/2014 1:34PM
He's a good governor.
Especially if you judge someone by the enemies they've made.
02/26/2014 3:40PM
hight property tax
we all seem to know what the problem is with property taxes but no political group will do any thing to lower it.the school tax is out of control. I had to move out of state to live a comfortable life. in tn a 3000sf new home is $2300 a year compare to $19000 in western ny.its time to put people in office that is going to work for the people instead of their self.
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