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Is Toronto Interested in the Bills?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - When the Bills are finally sold, a Canadian report expects the bidders to include a group from Toronto.

David Shoalts of The Globe and Mail in Canada says that Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment chairman Larry Tanenbaum and the Rogers Family have considerable interest in an NFL team.

"Tanenbaum has been chasing an NFL team for many years," Shoalts said to WBEN. "He's attended a lot of NFL meetings, and he remains interested in buying the Bills, as that's the easiest route to the NFL right now for the people in Toronto."

But why would Toronto be interested in the team after years of poor attendance at Bills games held at the Rogers Centre? "People shouldn't make the mistake of comparing that to the level of interest in the area, because the people who put on those games, including Rogers people and a few of Larry Tanenbaum's people made a big mistake."

What was that mistake?

"They miscalculated the willingness of people in Toronto to pay more than top dollar. They're not stupid and the Bills haven't been a contender for several years, so they said why should we pay way more than it would cost us to go down to the Ralph and watch a game to watch a game at (Rogers Center)."

And of all the NFL options for Toronto, the Bills seem to make he most sense. "Any team would probably be successful (in Toronto), but for obvious reasons, it's probably better if it's the Bills. The number one reason would be the difficulty in getting NFL approval to move a second team in to what is roughly the same area."

Shoalts says that If the Wilson family holds the sale within two years, and the NFL approves a move to Toronto, it will give the group enough time to get a stadium in place when the Bills’ lease option comes up in 2020.

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03/27/2014 5:15PM
Is Toronto Interested in the Bills?
Would you support the Bills if they moved to Toronto?
03/28/2014 8:20AM
The Bills belong in Buffalo.
03/28/2014 1:15PM
I would root for them to lose every single game.
03/28/2014 2:52PM
my bet is on Mexico city
03/29/2014 6:08PM
Saw the 1st championship game in 1964, Bill's 20 - 7
No way.
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