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Jim Kelly On ABC's Dancing with the Stars?

(WBEN)  Former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly reportedly has turned down an invitation to compete on the ABC program "Dancing With the Stars."

Kelly's daughter Erin (pictured with him below right) tweeted that he had to decline, to focus on his recovery and the Buffalo Bills.    

Kelly in May completed radiation and chemotherapy sessions to treat sinus cancer, which spread from his jaw.

The Hall of Fame Quarterback spent 11 seasons with the Bills and was the face of Bills teams that made four consecutive Super Bowl appearances in the early 1990s. While not interested in being a lead investor, he has said he would like to be involved in a bid to purchase the Buffalo Bills,  for sale after the death of team owner Ralph Wilson in May.

Here's his daughter's tweets on the Dancing With The Stars possibility:
  Minutes Later....
And then: some of the good natured ribbing her dad usually showers on his teammates........

As with all things Kelly, the tweets prompted some comments about what has been known as "Kelly Strong":

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