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Kelly, Schumer Push for Continued Federal Screening Funding

Washington, DC (WBEN) Senator Charles Schumer and Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly are making a "fourth quarter push" to renew federal funding for universal newborn screening programs.

Schumer says the funding helps increase the number of diseases states test on newborns minutes after they're born. "Not just Krabbe, but sickle cell disease, HIV, and cystic fibrosis. Right now the funding expires on September 30th, if nothing is done."

"We want to move forward, not backward," says Kelly. "One child who's 16 is in a wheelchair and has no motor skills. His sister was born five years after him was screened, had the exact same disease and was treated. She's doing what every 11 year old should be doing."

Kelly's son Hunter was diagnosed with Krabbe's disease, and died in 2005.

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