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Ken-Ton Closing Kenmore Middle, Roosevelt & Hamilton Elementary

(WBEN) The Kenmore Tonawanda School District faced the cold truth of shrinking enrollment head on Tuesday, voting to close three of its schools. As of the 2016-2017 school year, Kenmore Middle will be close, as will Hamilton and Roosevelt elementary schools.

The closing plan will move eighth graders into the two high schools, and the remaining two middle schools will be for grades 5 through 7.

Falling aid and decreasing student enrollment is blamed.
  From the Board of Education's consolidation study report:

The Ken-Ton School district experienced a peak pupil enrollment of about 22,350 in 1965. Between 1950 and 1964, the school district opened 18 new schools, with 12 of the schools constructed between 1955-60.

As new schools were opened, the community experienced the disruptions of growth and expansion with pride
 Pupils were transported from their home communities to new schools, or temporarily, to holding schools.

Teachers, administrators, and support staff were reassigned to meet the district’s needs. By 1975, enrollment had decreased to 17,500, and there are currently 11,500 pupils enrolled


"The number of students enrolled in our school district this school year is generally the same as it was in 1947," the district wrote in it's consolidation report released earlier this year.

From the district's consolidation study:

The school board weighed four different consolidation proposals before voting unanimously on the Kenmore Middle/Hamilton & Roosevelt Elementary plan, referred to in the district and it's consolidation study plan as "Scenario I".

" I'm  emotional about it. I live right near Roosevelt, so it will impact me if  I try to sell my home, however I think 'Scenario I'  gives us the best longevity for the district financially,' parent Ann Morello told WIVB News 4 Buffalo.

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Estimated savings in the first year of the plan is expected to reach $4.8 million.

Others consolidation options would have saved more money, but board members said Kenmore Middle, Hamilton and Roosevelt closings represented the right combination of savings and limited disruptions.

"The people need to realize we didn't just do this because of economics. We simply had just too many empty seats and to operate a school district, we need to ... be responsible to the taxpayer," school board president Robert Dana said to WGRZ/Channel 2 News. 

The district has closed 14 elementary schools and two auxiliary education facilities since 1974.

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04/02/2014 7:23AM
Ken-Ton Closing Kenmore Middle, Roosevelt & Hamilton Elementary
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