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Lancaster Man Wins Big Jackpot

Depew, NY (WBEN) - A lancaster man became a whole lot richer Tuesday.

Jerry Kajfasz was presented with an oversized ceremonial check by the New York Lottery Tuesday after he won $10 Million playing a Win For Life scratch-off game.

"I couldn't believe it," Kajfasz said when describing when he scratched off the winning ticket. "I started shaking, I checked it over probably half a dozen times and just couldn't believe it. I took it home and called the children to come home because I have a surprise, and opened up a bottle of champagne and celebrated."

Kajfasz was on a winning streak when he bought the ticket.

"I play the lottery on occasion, it depends on what I have in my pocket at the time. That day I won actually like seven scratch-offs in a row, and I just kept on going and then i grabbed this ticket and there it was the big winner. I was on a hot streak that day."

Kajfasz won playing the Win For Life Spectacular game. He says that it's been a wild month since he hit the jackpot, and is still trying to decide what to do with his winnings.

Kajfasz is Erie County’s first Lottery jackpot winner of the New Year and the 11th New York Lottery player statewide to receive a prize of $1,000,000 or more so far this year. He is married with two children.

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