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Lawyer: Police Wrongly Took Rifles from Target Shooters

Lancaster, NY (WBEN) The lawyer for one of three people stopped for target shooting at a quarry last week says his client's rifles were taken from his vehicle without consent.

Attorney Jim Tresmond says the three were shooting on private land with permission when a neighbor called Lancaster Police. "My client's car was impounded, this after he was questioned at the Lancaster Police Department. He was released, no charges filed, but he could not get his car back," explains Tresmond. Tresmond says police wanted his client to consent to a search for a car but declined until he talked with an attorney.

Tresmond believes despite the denial of a search, police went ahead anyway. "There was no reason to search the car, and they searched it because he had firearms in the trunk, and when he went back to get his car, the firearms were missing," says Tresmond.

Tresmond says the firearms are compliant with the NYSAFE Act. He hopes to get those firearms back to his client. "It's just a matter of how we go about it and when. In cases such as this, they should turn around and say we made a mistake and give him the rifles back. Based on my experience, we'll likely have to go back to court," notes Tresmond.

Lancaster Police Chief Gerry Gill declined to go into detail, but did say his officers followed the constitution in their investigation.

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