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Leaving Early??? Huh??

Derek Roy, Marcus Foligno
I've had the priviledge of being at almost all the home Buffalo Sabres games this season and it ALWAYS amazes me how many people leave a game early.

Why?  To get to your car a couple minutes early and beat the traffic?  Why go to begin with?

I'm assuming if you're going to the game you're going to find out who wins.  You're going to root for the home team and hopefully walk out a winner.  But instead of sticking it out to find out, you run for the gates with two or more minutes to go and hit the parking lot early and hear the outcome unfold on the radio.  You could have done that at home and saved the ticket money to begin with, right?

I think the true sports fan is one who follows a team through thick and thin.  The true sports fan is one who can sit through the losses and take even more stock in the wins when they occur.

A couple weeks ago me and my son were tortured with two home games that went down to the wire in the final seconds of the game.  We watched as fans hit the aisles with minutes to go in the game, only to return to their seats when they heard the horn from the concourse. 
Does it really feel that much better getting home five or ten minutes earlier?

It's not just a Buffalo thing.  Time and time again you hear Rick and Harry say that fans are "heading for the aisles" as a game seems 'over'.

I think last night was a great lesson.  "It ain't over till it's over'".

And I'm glad I stayed to see a piece of Sabres history.  Did you?

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04/04/2012 8:58AM
Leaving Early??? Huh??
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