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Hillary Clinton
FILE - This June 2, 2014, file photo shows Hillary Clinton smiling during a meeting with community leaders after touring Intertech Plastics in Denver. The former Secretary of State said in an interview with ABC News Sunday, June 8, 2014, that she will decide whether to run for president again "when it feels right for me to decide." For now she says she is focused on promoting her new book and helping fellow Democrats in the mid-term elections in the fall. Clinton says potential Democratic rivals are free

Lenihan: Clinton's Book WIll Keep Her Name in Forefront

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Hillary Clinton's new book comes out today, and while a former Erie County Democratic Party Chairman says not everyone will agree with what the former Secretary of State has to say, her name will remain on the lips of potential voters.

"It's certainly going to be an exciting book," says Len Lenihan, who says Clinton will be busy "talking about her views on government, the future and the past, and it keeps her name in the public through early next year." Lenihan says the book is definitely good for a potential White House run.

"Issues will arise, which can either spun or promoted either by her detractors or supporters," says Lenihan. "This book will generate comments from both sides and will keep her name in the news."

Lenihan says the prospect of Clinton running for president in 2016 is exciting, especially in New York State, where she served as senator.

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