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MSNBC Map Misplaces Buffalo

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) -- A hilariously bad graphic shown on MSNBC Tuesday places the city of Buffalo well to the east, and actually has the wrong locations for all four of the cities mentioned.

George Zornick of The Nation -- a UB grad who identifies himself as a "proud Buffalonian" on his Twitter bio (@gzornick) -- made a screen grab of the poorly-sourced map, which was intended to illustrate which cities President Obama will visit on next week's bus tour.

Instead, it serves as an object lesson in the importance of getting the details right. Buffalo is placed somewhere west of Glens Falls, 300 miles almost due east. Both Syracuse and Binghamton are in a tight little grouping next to the border with Vermont, so those two are only about 150 and 180 miles off, respectively. Scranton, PA, is pictured about 75 miles west of its true location.

It wouldn't have been that hard to get it right. Start with Buffalo and drive east on the Thruway, get off at the Syracuse exit, and go south on Interstate 81. It's almost a straight shot to Binghamton and Scranton.

Leave it to the folks at Twitchy to find the punchline: "In fairness, the S&P 500 did rise 4.69 points today." (Look closely at top of the graphic for the only thing they got right.)

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