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Mercy Flight Copter Makes Precautionary Landing

Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) Unusual vibrations prompted the pilot of a Mercy Flight helicopter to land at a golf course Wednesday.

Mercy Flight's Margaret Ferrentino says the crew took off for a mission and about five minutes in, "the pilot noticed some unusual vibration, and doing what we always do we took a conservative approach and landed in the interest of safety." Ferrentino says the chopper landed at Bob-O-Links golf course on Transit and Route 20A.

Ferrentino says the aircraft maintenance team looked at it, and cleared for a return to the headquarters. "We just installed a new rotor blade system on it and sometimes it needs a little adjusting. They're looking to see if that caused it," explains Ferrentino.

She says no patients were on board, as the crew was heading out to an inter-hospital transfer.


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