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Metro Rail Construction Causes NFTA to Modify Service

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Construction work related to the "Cars Sharing Main Street" project downtown will force the Metro Rail to modify service beginning on March 29th.

On Saturday March 29th, work will begin to remove the steel arches (pictured) that span the track bed at the Fountain Plaza station. The work will require the Metro Rail to delay providing service to the above ground section until 1:00pm.

Then, beginning on Sunday, March 30th, Metro Rail will begin modified, sinlge track service for about six months.

During this period, passangers will be required to transfer from one train to another at the Church Street station in order to continue their trip.

The construction and modified lines are all part of the "Cars Sharing Main Street" project which will see the return of automobiles along with the Metro Rail on Main Street.

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