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The Tom Bauerle Show

Monday Mash

Do you miss those 80 degree temps as much as I do? We were so spoiled!

The conservative wing of the GOP threw everything-and everyone-at Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney survived everyone and everything and is poised to be the challenger to President Obama.

He deserves the nomination.

Like it or not, he earned it.

Whether Romney will "rally the base" is an open question, but I suspect the Republican base will turn out in droves to try to oust the president.

Dealing with the New York State DMV is draining.

They sent me a letter claiming my insurance carrier had dropped me.

My insurance carrier provided the documentation that I have had continuous coverage.

I sent it to DMV Albany, but apparently the people there cannot read.

I sent them exactly the info they wanted, and they sent me a second letter asking for the information I'd already sent them.

And they never even bothered calling my insurance company to verify my info.


Monday's show was fun, as it brought back a lot of memories of some of the atrocious music of the 1970's.

Just think: for as bad as it was, people actually bought the records of Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods, Harry Gross and Clint Holmes.

One wonders what future musicologists will say about what we think is cool.

How many more Americans need to die in Afghanistan and Iraq? Our brave forces have done everything they were expected to do and then some. It is long past the time for Afghanistan and Iraq to stand on their own, and for the USA to make sure that those who served receive the finest medical and mental care available. Want to show your patriotism? Hire a veteran. Thank you to all who served and did a GREAT job over there.

I certainly hope the USA will think twice and more about entering into another war over there, as in "Iran."

Did I hear that some woman in Baltimore refuses to share her Mega Millions with coworkers in the lottery pool?

I'll bet she's somebody's ex-wife.


Am finding less and less to enjoy about the late-night comedians. Letterman, Leno, Conan, Fallon. Same politics. Same script. Emetical.

I'll take Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton seriously when they regularly protest interracial violent crimes by blacks against people of other races.

I wonder how many young black men have been killed by other young black men since Trayvon?

I wonder how many "white Hispanics" have been killed by black men since Trayvon?

Then again, I also wonder if break-ins are down in Sanford, Florida.

My elderly mom says you can have her hoodie when you take it from her cold, dead hands.

I love you,
You love me,
We're a happy family


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04/02/2012 11:44PM
Monday Mash
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04/03/2012 8:46AM
as in "Iran."
... this from George W Bush's most devout, worshipful follower. Right wingers have no self-awareness do they?
04/05/2012 9:13AM
Selective journalism here
Interesting that WBEN refuses to cover the right wingers on the Supreme Court allowing police to strip search you for any (or no) reason, or the Pinnacle Airlines paying big bucks to their executives but stiffing their pilots, just prior to the company's bankruptcy. This is why people who get their news from Fox and hate radio remain our country's most ignorant and uninformed group.
04/05/2012 9:30AM
evil right wingers
With NBC editing the 911 tape I understand why Fox and hate radio remain our country's most ignorant and uniformed group.
04/05/2012 9:42AM
People can learn and evolve - you can too.
04/05/2012 9:44AM
RE evil right wingers
NBC mea culpa'd and apologized. Andrew Breitbart, by contrast, has been sainted by the lying mouthbreathers.
04/06/2012 5:51PM
To the Zimmerman apologists
His lawyer is floating the "shaken baby syndrome" defense. Good luck spinning that one, WBEN.
04/07/2012 7:54AM
An act of heroism you won't hear about on WBEN. Wonder why that might be.
04/07/2012 8:28AM
The Bush torture memos
Won't hear about that either.
04/07/2012 10:52AM
Hats off to Arby's
The latest to pull their ads from Limbaugh's depraved hate fest.
04/10/2012 7:18AM
Whoops, you won't hear about this!
04/11/2012 5:55AM
RE: "evil right wingers"
Wow, I didn't know I am "evil" because I am a "right winger." I am a conservative, yes, but evil? I believe that our government should be smaller and fiscally conservative... is that what makes me evil? I believe in our constitution and that it has made us the greatest nation in the world and that changing or abusing it will only make us less of a nation... is that what makes me evil? I am a patriot, I have served out military for the past 19 years, fought in two wars, one against tyranny and the other against terrorists and I will be returning there soon... does that make me evil? I believe in God, I believe that Jesus died for out sins, and I believe His Holy Spirit dwells within those who ask Him to... does that make me evil? I believe in helping those less fortunate... does that make me evil? I believe that a baby in a mother's womb is alive (I know because I have a son and I felt him move while inside my wife) and abortion is a way of ending that life... does that make me evil? I believe that all people are created equal and should be treated equally... does that make me evil? I believe that most "right wingers" have these same beliefs... is that what makes them evil? I believe our forefathers, who made this nation great had these same beliefs... where they evil as well? You don't even know me, yet you call me evil???? Do you know any "right wingers?"
04/11/2012 8:17AM
You're not evil. Relax.
Just misinformed. And please stop playing the victim card. You people do that all the time.
04/11/2012 8:18AM
the "evil" adjective actually came from a Fox "News" apologist.
04/12/2012 7:37AM
I am evil.
Hey..first time I checked out your blog and I love your mommy :) That's one hoodie I'd be proud to wear.
04/12/2012 2:58PM
You won't hear about this on WBEN!
04/12/2012 4:03PM
April 15th
Tom, listen to your show when I can-- just a note about this weekend- on April 15, 1969, the North Koreans shot down a US Navy EC121 killing the 34 crew members. the US did not retaliate. Please remember them as they were my former shipments.
04/12/2012 9:54PM
April 15th
I believe you meant former shipmates, and may they rest in peace.
04/13/2012 8:43AM
You people are something else.
04/13/2012 9:01AM
You won't hear about this on Radio Limbaugh.
04/13/2012 2:59PM
RE Science Daily link
Thanks for that ... it clarifies a lot of the rhetoric you'll hear on this station during mid morning.
04/13/2012 5:52PM
Oh dear, better keep this on the downlow WBEN. Not a word to anyone.
04/16/2012 10:51AM
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