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The Tom Bauerle Show

Monday, Monday. Can't Trust that Day.

The Buffalo Excellence in Media Awards were fun.

Friday the 13th did not prove unlucky for Sandy Beach, our 3 PM- 6 PM host on WBEN.

The Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame member can add another tribute to his mantle, winning the Radio Personality of the Year Award.

WBEN AM and FM took Station of the Year, and Jeremy White was honored for his awesome use of social media.

I got a rock.

From the "Why do people do that?" file...

I had the pleasure of visiting the spring flowers on display at the South Park Botanical Gardens.

SPBG is a true treasure, so why do dillweeds throw cigarette butts and empty juice cans in the flowers beds? And why do they strew brochures on the lawn in front of this gorgeous place?

The grammar Nazi in me chuckled a bit when I saw a sign on a door inside by the orchids: "Authorized Personal Only."

Happy to see the Amherst Town Board following East Aurora's lead on the urban farming issue.

If you've never had a farm fresh, freshly-laid egg you don't know what you are missing.

The politicians in Amherst are now working on ways to make this work for the Marks Family and others.

Good for them!

Our show on guilty musical pleasures and forgotten hits is STILL generating a lot of feedback.

Your host is enjoying picking out the three musical bumps every day, and the selection process has become one of my favorite parts of the job!

Isn't it amazing how a song like Paul Young's "Everytime You Go Away" can sound so awesome when you haven't heard it in a while?

I am glad to see Ontario considering the de jure legalization of sex-workers.

No one wants to see street hookers, but what goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults is not my concern.

Eventually, perhaps they'll have the high-end places for those with money to blow and big box outlets that are more budget-friendly.

Can you imagine the hits President Bush would be taking during a re-election campaign if his Secret Service people were involved in alleged sexual misconduct? Or if his GSA had a big blowout bash on taxpayers' dime?

The media will use pejorative words when reporting on GOP/conservative folks, but they hold President Obama close to their busoms.

Remember all the shots Bill Clinton took at George Bush when Bush was president, even as Bush was generous and glowingly complimentary when unveiling the official portrait of the Clintons?

W has been silent on President Obama.

Why are Republicans so afraid to attack Obama's policies? Will they ever grow a set?



I am not a fan of David Bellavia or Chris Collins, but I'd vote for either over Kathy "She's Everywhere! She's Everywhere!" Hochul.

It is great that Mario Williams loves guns! Good for him and shame on the NFL for discouraging its players from enjoying their Second Amendment Rights.


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04/16/2012 11:15PM
Monday, Monday. Can't Trust that Day.
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04/17/2012 9:28AM
Elements of right wing rhetoric
When wingers treat us to their talking points, you can count on one or more of these: smugness, rabidity, the victim card. Usually you'll see two or all three elements in their words. This is as good an example as any, but you'll hear themconstantly on hate radio, Fox, Free Republic, Stormfront, and other places where they gather.
04/17/2012 1:31PM
RE Elements of right wing rhetoric
Don't forget their straw man. Where would they be without him?
04/18/2012 1:59AM
Is this a real word?
04/18/2012 6:06AM
Ted Nugent has not been in the news according to WBEN.
Can you imagine the screeching coming out of your radio if a high-profile mainstream Democrat had made such remarks about the great, magnificent George W Bush?
04/18/2012 8:50AM
"I got a rock"
Heh, nice Charlie Brown reference!
04/18/2012 12:28PM
Don Imus is right.
Ted Nugent should be in jail for the rest of his miserable life.
04/18/2012 4:21PM
You people own this. Have fun!
04/19/2012 9:20AM
Happy anniversary Tom
Today and tomorrow are pretty significant dates in the annals of right-wing expression: David Koresh and Tim McVeigh did you proud on this date, and on April 20 you remember the Columbine massacre and the birthday of the ultimate right-winger, Adolf Hitler. Be proud.
04/22/2012 11:36AM
Today is Earth Day.
But you won't hear about it on WBEN because the lunatic far-right fringe hates the earth.
04/28/2012 11:18AM
Who said it?
"I see all multicultural political activists as monsters, as evil monsters who wish to eradicate our people, our ethnic group, our culture and our country." Was it Rush Limbaugh? Glenn Beck? Anders Breivik? The Little Mullet? Hard to tell.
05/01/2012 11:00AM
Rupert Murdoch is in the news.
But you'll have to go elsewhere to learn about it.
05/01/2012 2:47PM
This day in history
2011: America got Bin Laden. But you won't hear about it on WBEN. 2003: Flightsuit! Mission Accomplished! This is worth a special retrospective since George W Bush was WBEN's favorite person ever!!!!!!!
05/04/2012 9:59AM
Who's advertising on Limbaugh anymore?
Being associated with that lowlife must be a lot like being on OJ Simpson's public relations staff.
05/04/2012 3:07PM
RE Rupert Murdoch is in the news.
He's "not fit". Neither is the grossly obese Limbaugh for that matter.
05/05/2012 8:55AM
Gas prices are coming down!
Twelve cents in two weeks with a 30 cent drop forecast by July. When prices went up we heard all about it through the right wing media. Why aren't you reporting this now WBEN?
05/06/2012 9:24AM
"spiking the football"
05/10/2012 9:59AM
Better than Angies List and free. Also too Angies List is now advertising on Limbaugh; in so doing, they're supporting a visceral hatred for women.
05/12/2012 9:34AM
Programming suggestion
Please hire Jane Skrovota as a talk show host. She's perfect for your audience.
05/14/2012 9:02AM
For WillardMitt.
05/15/2012 9:33AM
You could make this case for just about all wingnuttery.
05/23/2012 6:44AM
What? The right wing is lying again? Say it ain't so!
05/24/2012 8:27AM
George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina
...should be a WBEN radio host.
05/26/2012 9:10PM
Good Lord
Wow people, just wow. I'm noticing a bit of a trend here in responses, namely a slew of rhetoric and politician bashing. Everyone calm down, take a breath and realize that both sides have problems, no one side has a monopoly on idiocy or idolatry. Spring is fading, go do some lawn work and let the blood cool a bit.
05/30/2012 7:26AM
RE both sides have problems, no one side has a monopoly on idiocy
Lots of reasons to criticize Democrats, but your assertion is completely false. One side started a war based on lies which weakened us, one side refuses to help repair the damage they've done, one side is ready to sabotage the economy this summer in Debt Ceiling II. You can be a good American, or you can be a good Republican. You cannot be both.
05/30/2012 7:36AM
Time to get behind your beloved hero Donald Trump and go all birther, all the time. Go for it, express yourselves! 24 hour Birf Sertificut Radio!
05/30/2012 9:59AM
Grammar Nazi?
I think it should have been Spelling Nazi
05/31/2012 7:04PM
It is very sad that Alix had to die the way she did. However, she is not Mother Theresa. Where was the parents --- how come they let their daughter sake board at 11:00 PM? Why was she using drugs? If the parents were responsible like most parents thisgirl would still be alive. What parents allow their young teenage daughter to skate board @ 11:00 PM? Where is the law for parents being irresponsible!
06/02/2012 7:56AM
Zimmerman update
All that money you wingnut bigot losers sent Zimmerman and he's in jail where he belongs. Nicely played, Limbaughites.
06/02/2012 2:58PM
Fascists in Florida are disenfranchising voters they don't like and are defying the DOJ cease and desist directives. Time to send in the troops and capture the perps.
06/07/2012 12:40PM
Just heard your ad
for William C Rott & Sons. Presumably they approve the content. Your ad convinced me to not do business with that particular firm.
06/13/2012 6:50PM
I am for Bellavia....
He signed his name to serve in an ALL VOLUNTEER military. It could have cost him his life. He now is the best candidate because he is NOT a politician who has had time to make a network of good ole boys to kiss up to. And above all else he supports the CONSTITUTION. Our true government. At least for now before those in office totally dismantle this Republic.
06/25/2012 8:05AM
For the "Obama's a socialist!" mouthbreathers
06/26/2012 7:39AM
Hey WBEN -- thanks to you Philadelphia is now a much better city than Buffalo is; their AM station gave Limbaugh the bum's Rush. We still have him on our air thanks to you and it smells like a cesspool. Dump that pill-addled Jerry Sandusky wannabe.
06/29/2012 8:53AM
"Pants on fire"
07/12/2012 7:29AM
07/20/2012 9:46AM
Friday 7/20 tragic shooting in Colorado
Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. Meanwhile on WBEN your morning wingnut is trying to make the case that, wait for it, *Rush Limbaugh* is the real victim. WOW. You are completely reprehensible and hopefully your advertisers are listening. Apparently the necessity of defending Limbaugh and the likes of Sarah Palin has stripped you of any sliver of human decency.
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