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More About The Disease That Took Ben Sauer of Blue4Ben

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The illness that claimed the life of five year old Ben Sauer is a form of cancer rare among children, but seen commonly among adults.

  The #Blue4Ben campaign of public prayer and support is similar to the high profile cancer battle being waged by Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly - with public prayers and frequent updates on social media. 

Jim's wife Jill sent out a message of support Wednesday, shortly after Ben's death became public.  See More Below
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Tim O'Shei,
Ben died Tuesday night, a week after turning five. His mother Mindy kept a blog of Ben's journey as he fought Stage IV Glioblastoma, and triggered a massive amount of community support, with many groups wearing "Blue for Ben" and promoting the movement - and prayer-  on social media. 

 "Ben is with Jesus now. He took his first breath in heaven peacefully at 8:05pm last night. Thank you so much for praying. Our baby is at peace now," she wrote , adding that the past several days had included far more severe symptoms than he had earlier. 

"  His speech has been increasingly mumbled so we can barely understand what he says at all. When we do understand what he says, it's usually him asking for more medicine. The other day, he asked why his head is still hurting if he's taking all of his medicine," she wrote.


On The Blue4Ben Facebook page Wednesday, Ben Sauer's mom announced his death with a public prayer:

"Lord, comfort your beautiful son in these next few days. Give him peace. And alleviate his pain. Show him the way into heaven and promise me, You'll be the first to greet him. Wipe away his tears and let him know we won't be that far behind him. Tell him to look out for his big brother and baby sisters while they navigate this life. Perhaps you can introduce him to his sibling we lost in-utero more than two years ago. I'm sure his relatives that are there waiting won't have a problem recognizing him for themselves. He's going to love all of the animals - frogs and snakes are his favorite - and he's going to be thrilled to have his own wings. I'm sure he'd love playing with David's slingshot, too!

And God, grant us peace, as well. Those who are left behind. As we come to grips with our new future without Ben being close. As we find the grace you've given us and discover joy in the knowledge that You're carrying all of us in the palm of Your hand.

We are scared. We are hurt. We are sad. But we trust You. For You are Good."
Glioblostoma is not a commonly seen tumor among children, says Dr. Renee Reynolds with the joint pediatric oncology unit of Roswell Park Cancer Institute and Women and Children's Hospital. She says treating it is nearly impossible

."The issue becomes the tumor cells intertwine with the normal brain tissue so even when it's treated maximally with surgery there are tumor cells left behind," explains Reynolds.

"Those tumor cells have to be treated with additional therapy whether it's chemotherapy or radiation." She says both of those treatments are difficult to penetrate the brain with chemotherapy.

Reynolds says one other treatment is difficult as well.

"It's something called chemodar. It's an oral medication well tolerated by patients but the problem is the brain has a mechanism called the blood-brain barrier, where it's difficut to get medication to cross the barrier into the brain and treat the cells," says Reynolds.

Reynolds says adults with glioblastoma have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 months.


  Public prayer, social media, and hope.

The outpouring of public support, and the frank expressions of faith that were part of the Blue4Ben campaign, touches on the same themes that Buffalo Bill Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly - and even more so, his wife Jill- have been posting online since he began his treatment for head and neck cancer.  

Funeral services for Ben are set for Saturday morning at 11 at The Chapel at Crosspoint, where both families worship.

Ben's death prompted these words of support from Jill Wednesday:

" We followed little Ben's story. We prayed. We cried. And now we mourn...with the Sauer Family, our church family and Western New York and beyond. And while we wait to see him again...we trust GOD...and we rejoice because every day is one day CLOSER!
#Blue4Ben I talked to God today about all of this and shared it on my website. I hope it encourages you


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