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NY Lawmakers Urge Delay in Common Core Rollout

Albany, NY (AP/WBEN) A number of state lawmakers are urging New York's education commissioner to delay the further rollout of the new Common Core learning standards, citing frustration and complaints by parents, teachers and administrators. They're also threatening to force changes by law if there's no relief.
At a hearing Thursday, Commissioner John King Jr. says some complaints are merging the curriculum itself adopted by 45 states with other issues like teacher evaluations and data collection security.
King says the need for the academic improvement the standards offer is still "urgent." He acknowledged "uneven" implementation by the state's 700 school districts and promised adjustments in state guidance.
He says there's little disagreement among experts over the main components of more writing, more challenging reading, and math that has real world applications.

Meantime, members of the Assembly introduced what they call the “APPLE Plan” (Achieving Pupil Preparedness and Launching Excellence), a comprehensive proposal of recommendations to improve the state’s implementation of the Common Core Standards.

“There is no question that the lack of communication regarding the state’s implementation of Common Core led to confusion, frustration and even fear among educators, parents and taxpayers. That’s why we felt hosting public forums across the state was a vital first step,” said Corwin, who hosted a forum in Akron in November. “We listened to teachers, school administrators, parents and concerned citizens. We took their recommendations and developed the APPLE Plan, which seeks to improve on Common Core, ease its implementation, assist educators, alleviate the unfunded mandates that threaten tax hikes, and – most importantly – ensure our children have a first-class education that fully prepares them to be successful in the world.”


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