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"New Year, New Bulbs!"
Is Not Available At This Time.
12/30/2013 5:21PM
New Year, New Bulbs!
Do you still use incandescent bulbs?
12/31/2013 8:47AM
About these bulbs:
Stand your ground, Limbots! You're supposed to hate these bulbs, call 'em socialist and communist, shake your little fist at them. Get moving!
12/31/2013 10:46AM
All CFL, although I will be switching to LED as I replace them. CFL's are easy to dispose of responsibly at any Home Depot or haz waste drop off site.
12/31/2013 3:42PM
RE Limbots!
Hey if these lightbulbs (lightbulbs! LOL) irritate the wingnuts then I'll take a case!
12/31/2013 4:19PM
Love hate
I love saving energy and moreover money, but the Government telling me what I can and can't buy or use....... Just another little freedom wiped away
12/31/2013 9:13PM
I use both
I still think the increased cost of the bulb outweighs any savings on your electric bill. And I have a number of cfl and led bulbs. What about oven and refrigerator bulbs though? CFL suck in the cold and I know leds hate heat and cfls probably do too
01/01/2014 1:00PM
Different Ways to Look at Things
How many things are phased out over the years because they aren't as good as something new? You can look at it as a freedom taken away, but pick your battles. Being told how to think is a lot worse than lightbulbs.
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