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Niagara County Newspapers Publish Last Tuesday Papers

(WBEN) Today is the last day that readers of three western New York newspapers will be able to read a print copy on a Tuesday .

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Lee Copolla, Former Journalism Dean
St. Bonaventure University

Readers of the Niagara Gazette, Lockport Union-Sun & Journal and Tonawanda News will see the changes the week of May 5, when the Tuesday paper shifts to an online only edition.

In a message in the Niagara Gazette earlier this month, publisher Peter Mio said the newspaper must attune its work to the realities of the business and the demands of readers and advertisers.

All of the newspapers are owned by Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. The Montgomery, Ala.-based company also owns the Journal-Register in Medina, Daily Star in Oneonta and Press-Republican in Plattsburgh, along with newspapers around the country.

Across America, in cities like New Orleans, Syracuse and Harrisburg, newspapers are feeling the squeeze, and cutting back on daily print publishing.

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Harrisburg's daily newspaper, The Patriot-News was one of the first nationwide to  scale back the publication of printed papers to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays . Syrcause's Post-Standard is also  switching to a three-per-week publication schedule as their corporate owner shifts away from daily publication. Both papers are owned by Advance Publications Inc.

Four other Advance newspapers - The Times-Picayune of New Orleans and the three largest papers in Alabama - said in June that they were switching to three-times-a-week publication. Those changes were accompanied by hundreds of layoffs.

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