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No Injuries in Buffalo School Fire; Cause Unknown

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - More than 160 children and staff safely got out of the building as a two-alarm fire heavily damaged a Buffalo school.
Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield Jr. says the Monday afternoon fire at the Westminster Community Charter School appeared to start in an unoccupied first-floor art room that had been used earlier in the day. Smoke and water damage extended to the second floor of the three-story brick building.
The cause is under investigation.
The children and staff taking part in a summer program got out on their own.
Whitfield says damage to the building and contents is estimated at $275,000.
Eleven-year-old Isaiah Viverette says he and his classmates first thought the fire alarm signaled a drill, but they grew nervous after leaving the building and seeing the smoke and flames.

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