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Non Profits Lost Almost $9 M to Thefts in Past 4 Years

(WBEN) There have been 8 area non profits that say they were either stolen from in the past four years or lost huge amounts of money, totaling millions at almost all of them.

The Washington Post did a study of tax filings from all the nation's non -profits between 2008 and 2012 and has listed the ones that reported what are called " diversions " -- basically thefts. The local losses range from $3.5 stolen by a bookkeeper at Northpointe Council in Niagara Falls, to the UAW with an $84,000 los in unsold tickets to a 2008 retiree event.

The local total approaches $9 million .

Here's the Post's explanation of how the data was gathered:

" A Washington Post analysis of filings from 2008 to 2012 found … more than 1,000 nonprofit organizations that checked the box indicating that they had discovered a “significant diversion” of assets, disclosing losses attributed to theft, investment fraud, embezzlement and other unauthorized uses of funds.

As part of its analysis, The Post assembled the first public, searchable database of nonprofits that have disclosed diversions,

Here's a link to their story:

Groups on the list were identified with the assistance of GuideStar, an organization that gathers and disseminates federal filings by nonprofits." 
  Here's the  Post's local entries in the database:

Northpointe Council Inc., Niagara Falls
revenue: $3,546,935   admitted to diversion on tax form filed in: 2010--   "internally discovered" theft of cash by bookkeeper, whom they immediately terminated

Baptist Life Assn. Williamsville
revenue: $3,275,987   admitted to diversion on 2008  tax form 

Society of St Vincent De Paul, Buffalo
revenue: $1,042,058   admitted to diversion on 2009 tax form

Kenmore Town of Tonawanda Meals On Wheels Inc, Tonawanda, revenue: $293,396    admitted to diversion on 2008 tax form after thefts from the  former executive director

United Union of Roofers Waterproofers and Allied Workers, West Seneca,  revenue: $280,696  admitted to diversion on 2008 tax form after     former officer diverted office and auto expenses. has agreed to repay $9,263

Crossroads Springs Africa, East Aurora
revenue: $273,358   admitted to diversion on 2011 tax form 1

Town of Cheektowaga Employees Assn., Cheektowaga
revenue: $117,610    admitted to diversion on 2008 tax form

International Union United Auto Aerospace & Agricultural Workers, Williamsville.  revenue: $84,477    admitted to diversion on 2008 tax form --got stuck for 60 tickets at retiree's event. Union agreed to cover loss of $600


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