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Obamacare Extra: Hear The Latest on Health Care Reform

On Oct. 1, millions of people without access to job-based health care will be able to enroll online through new state insurance markets for coverage effective at the start of next year. 

The week of September 23, Buffalo's Early News is featuring a series of in-depth interviews on Health Care Reform
From Friday Morning
Dr Bruce Bryski from SUNY Buffalo State is in studio talking about the politics of health care.  Bruce says Democrats win now, Republicans win later.  What do you think?Buffalo's Early News In Depth

SUNY Buffalo State Prof. Bruce Bryski, with Susan Rose & Dave Debo
on Washington's looming showdown over Health Care and Spending


What Will It Mean For Seniors? |Your Questions Answered on Video How Exchanges Will Work | How Affordable Is Coverage | What It Means For Employers. | Exclusive WBEN Audio | Calculate Your Costs Can it Be Stopped? | Union Health Care Plans Not Subsidized

On Air Thursday  Morning:

John Zach & Susan Rose  with former American Medical  Assoc Pres. Nancy Neilsen MD

  Nora McGuireExclusive WBEN Audio
On the WBEN Liveline:

Independent Health's
Nora McGuire

From Wednesday morning on Buffalo's Early News
 In-Depth with Art Wingerter,
President of Univera Health Care

with John Zach & Susan Rose

On The WBEN Liveline: 

Mike Durant, NYS Director,
National Federation of Independent Business

From Tuesday on Buffalo's Early News with John Zach & Susan Rose
Don IngallsBuffalo's Early News
In Depth

Hear Don Ingalls, Vice Pres
at Blue Cross- Blue Shield.
Hear Also
On The WBEN Liveline
Chris Kempton,
Walsh-Duffield Companies

Also: Our usual politics contributor Dave Levinthal from The Center for Public Integrity, touched on the looming battle over health care  and how it plays into the federal budget showdown,after a brief discussion of Syria and Pres. Obama's foreign policy 
From Monday :
Buffalo's Early News In Depth
Hear John Zach & Susan Rose
with John Bartimole, President,
WNY Healthcare Assoc.

Hear Also
On The WBEN Liveline
CBS Business Analyst
Jill Schlesinger

From Hardline, The WBEN Sunday Politics Program ( 10am-12noon)
Ann Monroe, Community Health Foundation of Western & Central NY
Explains the intricacies of Health Care Exchanges, and what it could mean for consumers

Founded in 2002 as the Community Health Foundation of Western and Central New York,  the foundation grew out of concerns that sprang from Excellus of Rochester's purchase of Univera Health in greater Buffalo.  At the time of the merger, regulators required the endowment of an independent advocate for health care consumers.


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