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"One Parent's View of the LeRoy Mystery"
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02/06/2012 7:39PM
One Parent's View of the LeRoy Mystery
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02/07/2012 8:16AM
It's called "FifteenMinutesOfFameitis"
I would like to cite an interesting quote in a recent article by Mike Stobbe, AP Medical Writer (I'll post the link to the full article immediately after the quote): "Experts elsewhere have looked on curiously at the Le Roy story. One piece of footage prompted laughter this week among a group of physicians. They were watching a BBC report on the cases, which showed one girl with a jerking arm that suddenly became very controlled as she applied eyeliner and then jerked around again when she was done. "It's almost impossible to conceive of a true neurological disorder that can allow for that complexity of switching back and forth," said Dr. Jose Maldonado, chief of psychosomatic medicine at Stanford University, who mentioned the group's reaction. "It also looks very purposeful. I'm not saying she's making it up. I'm just saying that it doesn't look neurological." " http://www.nola.com/health/index.ssf/2012/02/mass_hysteria_rare_but_usually.html
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