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PICTURES: Harbor Center Construction Rolls On

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Another construction milestone was hit today at the Harbor Center downtown.

Steel Beams were put in to place at the top of the construction site. They will be the base of the two hockey rinks that are the building's main attraction.

Buffalo Sabres' Chief Development Officer Cliff Benson says that construction is going on strong despite the frigid temperatures. "Even on a cold, near zero day in Buffalo, I'm so proud of these workers doing their jobs."

Benson says the project is roughly 40 percent complete. "We're adjusting to the weather, but right now we're very close to our schedule and we expect to stay on schedule. We have a lot of ways that we can adjust when the weather gets better. But these guys have done a phenomenal job out here of keeping this thing going."

Harbor Center is scheduled to open in the Fall of this year.


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