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Pabst Beer Mogul Metropoulous Wants A Bills Bid

(WBEN) Add another name to the list of leaked possible owners of the Buffalo Bills.  C. Dean Metropoulous-- the owner of Pabst Beer brands- a 1.3 billion dollar businessman is considering a purchase according to several media reports .

A spokesperson for Metropoulous is quoted in various sources saying Metropoulous has  always interested in buying a team ever since he lost a chance at the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2008 .

 Earlier this spring Reuters said he was trying to sell Pabst brands. He is also the executive behind the resurrected Twinkie brand bought from Hostess out of bankruptcy last year.

The Buffalo Bills have hired legal and financial advisers to help with the sale of the team, after the death of longtime owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr.  The Bills were valued by Forbes last year at $870 million, but the sale price could go higher given the number of expected bidders and the scarcity of NFL teams on the market

Metropoulous will be one of several bidders for the team, when they begin to screen owners next week. Without providing names, Erie County deputy executive Richard Tobe said he has been approached by as many as 10 prospective ownership groups, which he has told to contact the team.

Former Sabres owner B. Tom Golisano last week said he is interested in ownership, and businessman Donald Trump has also expressed interest.

Dan Kelly, vice president of Jim Kelly Inc., told The Associated Press that his brother, the former Bills Hall of Fame quarterback will pursue the Bills.

"Jim will be an active participant in it moving forward," Kelly said, noting that his brother will pursue the Bills despite undergoing treatments for a recurrence of sinus cancer.

Others that have either publicly acknowledged their interest in the team or are according to sources actively working on a bid include Rocker John Bon Jovi,  and Larry Tanenbaum, a Toronto-based developer and chairman of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which controls the NBA Raptors and NHL Maple Leafs.