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Rob Astorino
Rob Astorino

Paladino: Astorino Must Break From State GOP to Win

Rob Astorino talks about his candidacy
HEAR IT HERE, NY (WBEN) The man who ran as a Republican for governor in 2010 says the man who's announced his candidacy in 2014 needs to get away from the state GOP chairman to have a shot at winning.

"(Ed) Cox is going to the same thing to Astorino as they did to me, and lay down on the candidate once the campaign gets going," says Carl Paladino (pictured R)  who ran against Andrew Cuomo in 2010.   "The reason for that is they enjoy feeding at the public trough."

Paladino says Astorino has only 25 percent name recognition statewide. "To get 100 percent recognition, he'd need $15 million and he's having a hard time raising because he refuses to denounce the RINOs in the Republican party," claims Paladino.

Paladino says it appears Cox wants party unity but "he doesn't get it or has another agenda. If he doesn't get it, you can't have unity among the rank and file with the treachery of the rank and file establishment."

Paladino believes this won't deter another possible Republican candidate. "You can't dissuade Donald Trump from doing what he wants to do," says Paladino. "Donald Trump is a very strong person, and I know his feelings about the Republican establishment and won't play by their rules. He's gonna play by their own rules." Paladino adds Trump will decide on his own schedule whether he'll run.

Paladino has also mentioned running on the Conservative line if Republicans don't have a viable candidate. He says he'll "make the right decision at the right time."

Earlier Coverage:
Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Rob Astorino has posted the six minute video announcement of his candidacy for Governor of New York.  You can see the complete video here:
Officially New York State Republicans will not select their candidate until a convention in May. Anyone at the convention with at least 25 percent of the weighted county-by- county vote  will automatically be on the ballot.

In advance of that event however, Party Chairman Ed Cox has donated money to Astorino, and the party's former executive director is directing the Astorino campaign.

Cox issued the following statement ;

"Goliath, meet David. Rob Astorino has proven that a Republican can win in two-to-one Democratic New York. Rob has what it takes to reverse the decline of New York, not just try to manage it like our last three Democratic Governors."

(WBEN/AP) Rob Astorino, the Westchester County Executive, announced Wednesday in a video that the idea that things are great in New York is a "fairy tale."

It's a message he will take across the state beginning Thursday, as he launches his campaign for Governor with appearances in Buffalo and The Bronx.

Astorino is scheduled to appear at Zeptometrix , a biotech firm founded by Cong. Chris Collins.  Astorino will appear with Collins there tomorrow afternoon,

State Republicans hold their nominating convention in May. Celebrity businessman Donald Trump has said he would consider a run if the party unifies behind him.

Cuomo, a possible 2016 presidential candidate, is far ahead in polls, name recognition and fundraising. But Astorino argues New York is moving in the wrong direction and Cuomo is beatable.

The 46-year-old Astorino was easily elected in November to his second term as the head of government in suburban Westchester.

Twice as many Democrats live in New York than Republicans.


Westchester County Executive Rob AstorinoHear Rob Astorino 
from Hardline, WBEN's Politics Program
(Sundays 10am-12noon)

In Late February
on his campaign and Trump:

and earlier in January
predicting a possible run
  HEAR Donald Trump's Speech at the Erie County Republican Party's January Fundraiser.

Speaking to WBEN last month, Astorino said he is confident he will have the votes at the GOP Convention to get on the ballot.  Supporters of d Trump - who has talked of a candidacy - say the he has approx. 70 percent of the delegates.  If Trump or any other candidate receives 76 percent of the vote, they could eliminate Astorino or others from running.

Trump has said while he will participate in a convention, he is not interested in running if there would be a primary.

Cuomo, who lives in Westchester, has not publicly addressed an Astorino candidacy. But he has mentioned Westchester's heavy taxes. Astorino has kept county property taxes flat throughout his time in office.

Astorino lives in Mount Pleasant. 

Astorino's Official Biography  from Westchestergov. com
Astorino was elected in November 2009 after running a successful campaign to streamline county government and bring tax relief to homeowners and businesses. His message resonated with voters across Westchester as he was elected with 58 percent of the vote.

Astorino was first elected to public office at age 21, serving as a member of the Mount Pleasant Board of Education. During his tenure, he also served as the board’s vice president. He went on to serve for 12 years as a councilman on the Mount Pleasant Town Board, including six years as deputy supervisor. In 2003, he was elected to the Westchester County Board of Legislators.

Before taking office as County Executive, Astorino had a long career in the radio industry. He was the station manager and program director of The Catholic Channel on Sirius-XM Satellite Radio and hosted a weekly radio show from St. Patrick’s Cathedral with the archbishop of New York. In 2001, he helped launch ESPN Radio in New York. He became the station’s senior producer, and was executive producer of “The Michael Kay Show.
  He has also held a wide range of volunteer and civic positions. He has served on the Westchester Business Council’s Government Action Committee, the Mount Pleasant Rotary, the North Castle Land Trust, and the Hudson Valley Greenway. He also served two terms as vice chairman of the Westchester County Board of Ethics.

Astorino earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications at Fordham University, where he also minored in Spanish and Political Science. In 2001, he studied in Barcelona, Spain, and received a Spanish Immersion Diploma from the Enforex School of International Studies.

The county executive is a lifelong resident of Westchester. He and his wife, Sheila, live in Hawthorne and are the parents of three young children: Sean, 10; Kiley Rose, 8; and Ashlin Grace

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