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Pamela Brown Working to Leave as Buffalo Schools Supt.

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Buffalo Schools Superintendent Dr. Pamela Brown used a late Friday afternoon news conference to announce to reporters she is seeking to "reach an amicable agreement" to leave the district. 

"I have determined it is in the best interest of the children and the community" to begin plans to step down, says Brown. "My educational background and professional experience are well documented," she adds. She says allegations regarding her leadership have been baseless.

HEAR:  Pamela Brown's Statement

Brown boasted of the progress made during her tenure. "More support for students to reach higher academic standards through professional development for principals and teachers, new curriculum materials, and afterschool and summer programs. There's been a significant incresae in high school graduation rates during the 2012-13 school year, increasing the college enrollment from 57% to 66%, the highest recorded by the National Student Clearinghouse," notes Brown. "Despite all of this progress, it's clear a segment of this school board desires new leadership."

Brown did not take questions as she left.

Board member Carl Paladino has been pushing for Brown's departure, saying Brown did not meet the qualifications needed. "We want a competent person, educated, respected, and respectful. We want a person who's been there and done it, and understand the culture of our community," Paladino tells WBEN's Tom Bauerle. "We're going to do a local search because there are extremely competent people right here, and the only reason they do national searches is to make the superintendent beholden to them."

Paladino says the present majority ran out of defenses for Brown, and chose to play the race card. "The present majority made it about race, but this is not about race," says Brown.

Paladino believes the present majority may try to arrange for a "golden parachute" for Brown as she resigns. Under the current deal, if Brown is fired, she gets one year's salary; if she resigns, she gets nothing.

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