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Preparing for Possible Floods

West Seneca, NY (WBEN) - Warmer temperatures are a welcome relief to the cold for many Western New Yorkers, but some are too concerned about flooding to enjoy the warm-up.

In West Seneca, where flooding has been a big problem in the past, crews spent Wednesday cutting triangles in to the ice on Buffalo Creek. "We're doing some preventative measures with the thaw coming," said West Seneca Emergency Manager John Gullo. "We're cutting in these holes in the ice to relieve the water so that it goes up on top of the ice so we can burn through it so it melts the ice down quicker and doesn't raise all of it all at once."

Gullo said that about a dozen "relief cuts" were put in to Buffalo Creek. In the events the holes don't work he's warned residents to be prepared, and along with the holes in the ice has prepared sandbags in hopes of combating mother nature.

"We've tried to get the message out to everybody to be prepared, make sure their sump pumps are working, and what have you."

Last month, Flooding in West Seneca damaged about 70 homes along Lexington Green.


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