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Presidential Preps: Advance Teams Busy at UB; Check Out Charlie The Butcher

(WBEN) With as many as 100  workers busy around the Buffalo area in the next few days, advance teams have visited Charlie The Butcher's Cayuga Drive location near the airport, for a possible presidential visit Thursday as he kicks off his bus tour in Buffalo.

The president is scheduled to appear at the University of Buffalo for a speech on education funding and the value of higher education, as part of a broad discussion of the economy and the middle class.

Charles Roesch, AKA Charlie The Butcher, told WBEN that he did not know if the President would be making a stop at his restaurant. "We have not heard anything directly, and chances are we might not know until the moment of" said Roesch.

During his May 2010 trip to the Buffalo area, the president made an unannounced side trip to Duff's restaurant on Cayuga Drive for chicken wings (pictured L) ;  sources say the advance teams have scouted out Charlie's for a similar presidential sampling of Buffalo's famed Beef on Weck.

"They like to try and fit an event like that in if they can," says Attorney Gerald Paradise III, who worked as a member of the advance team for the 2010  visit.

"They usually have a couple of (side trips) in case sometimes .. people figure things out, it gets leaked, and people start showing up or they can't contriol it, and if it gets out of hand they'll just go someplace else," Paradise says.

Roesch said that a Presidential visit to Charlie The Butcher would be exciting.

"From my own personal perspective I'd be very excited to see a sitting President come in and sample a little food from Western New York" Roesch said.

The scouting for side-trips is just part of the overall advance team work underway.

"Right now our hotels are filled with secret service and poltical advance folks who are trying to do everything from trying to track down the potential crazies in town and make sure there whereabouts are known, to doing things like attaching handrails to podiums to make sure the president doesn't slip and fall"
          -  Michael Caputo,  a veteran campaign manager who has worked for President George HW Bush, Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino and many others.

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Paradise says the President's schedulers did the advance teams a great favor by selecting the University at Buffalo as the president's main venue.  Secret service have been involved with a visit there by former President Bill Clinton, and university officials are more prepared than sponsors would be at a less seasoned location.

While exact details have not yet been made public, late Friday morning the University released a  statement from University at Buffalo President Satish K. Tripath welcoming the president to UB.

"The University at Buffalo is very pleased and proud to host President Obama.  The president’s visit to UB will be a historic occasion for our university and our community," Tripathi said

 Bill Regan, the University's Director of Special Events said no official location on campus has been decided to host Obama, but the Alumni Arena seems to be the favorite.

The Alumni Arena could hold about 6,500 spectators for such an event. Another option would be to hold the event at the Center For The Arts main stage, which could hold 1,750. No details on when tickets would be available, or whom they would be available to, are available.

The White House says Obama will embark on a 2-day bus tour next week, stopping in Buffalo, Syracuse and Binghamton in New York. He'll also visit northeastern Pennsylvania.

The tour extends Obama's recent effort to refocus on economic issues ahead of looming fiscal fights with Congress. He's discussed infrastructure and housing in other cities.

Obama has said he's planning an aggressive strategy on costs so Americans can get training needed for the rapidly changing economy. A first step came last week when Obama signed a bipartisan bill to restore lower student loan interest rates.

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