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Presidential Visits Big For Restaurants

Cheektowaga, NY (WBEN) - When President Obama last visited Western New York in 2010, he made sure to make a stop at a famous Buffalo landmark.

No, not City Hall.

Thinking Niagara Falls, or the Electric Tower? Think again.

In other parts of the country, historical buildings and natural wonders are the types of places that warrant a visit from the President, but when in Western New York, a Presidential visit is not complete without a sampling of some regional cuisine.

That's why Obama made a pit stop at Duff's Famous Wings in Depew.

"He was great with the customers," said Duff's owner Kirk Feather. "He spent a lot of time walking around, talking, and taking pictures. It was an awesome experience for the restaurant for sure."

Feather said that he was caught off-guard by the Presidential visit. "My daughter was there, and she called up screaming 'Dad, the President's here' so it was pretty amazing."

"Right after he came there was certainly a surge in business. We went up a good 10 percent in business right after his visit."

This time around, Obama is rumored to visit Charlie The Butcher.

Senator Charles Schumer said last week that he would recommend the restaurant to the President. Charles Roesch, AKA Charlie the Butcher, said that besides Schumer's comments, he hasn't heard anything official about a visit. "We have not heard anything directly, and chances are we might not know until the very moment of" Roesch said.

Roesch said that a Presidential visit to Charlie The Butcher would be exciting.

"From my own personal perspective I'd be very excited to see a sitting President come in and sample a little food from Western New York" Roesch said.
"It's not just about Charlie the Butcher," Roesch added. "He could go to Chef's, he had the wings at Duff's, there are just tremendous places around town."

08/19/2013 3:13PM
Presidential Visits Big For Restaurants
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