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Protests Staged Outside Cuomo Fundraiser

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Buffalo Tuesday night for a fundraiser, hoping to bolster his war chest for the next gubernatorial campaign.

However, he wasn't greeted by a room full of applause as is typical at many of the political events he attends in Western New York, instead, he was greeted by a large group of protesters. The group included people protesting the Governor for many reasons, including the SAFE Act gun control law, Fracking issues, and high taxes.

"Cuomo's Gotta Go!" was the rallying cry for all of the groups, many of whom would typically not run in the same circles. While many of the protestors were conservatives, others identified themselves as liberals and democrats.

Among the protesters was Carl Paladino, the Buffalo School Board member who unsuccessfully ran against Cuomo in 2010, and hinted that he may do the same next year. Paladino said that the large range of protesters show that the Governor's support in Western New York is weak, and it sends a message that the Presidency may not come as easy for Cuomo as some may think. 

The Protest began at 4:30pm, and continued in to the fundraiser at 7:00.

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