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"Racist Cheektowaga Video Goes Viral"
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06/04/2014 11:56AM
Racist Cheektowaga Video Goes Viral
What are you thinking?
06/04/2014 12:08PM
Enough blame to go around for everyone
That's all I have to say.
06/04/2014 12:09PM
why can't we just get along??
06/04/2014 12:10PM
My view
File this again under "WHO CARES"? Personal videos don't indicate anything. This stuff has happened before, the only difference now is that someone recorded it and put it on YouTube. Whoopee.
06/04/2014 12:13PM
I am shocked and outraged that this women who considers herself a parent and a mother is swearing and throwing out racist remarks like a maniac in front of her children to a man in his car, who by the way is completely calm throughout her disgusting rant. Brought me to tears.
06/04/2014 12:14PM
One more thing....
Please keep reminding people that we don't know what led up to this. The man taking the pictures keeps claiming the kids were scared because he did nothing more harmful than starting his car, but really, we only have his word for it. I truly wish someone who had witnessed the whole situation from the beginning would come forward and tell what they saw.
06/04/2014 12:27PM
Disrespectful man
She was being prodded. He has a big mouth. Listen to how disresptful he is.She has a right to her opionion. She needs to get a lawyer.
06/04/2014 12:29PM
She needs held accountable!
The woman wrong and should be held accountable for what she said and kept on saying. Should have been keeping a better eye on her children and stayed off her phone!
06/04/2014 12:33PM
what a dumb a**
i would have liked to see that women try to drag him out of the car.i wonder what started that whole mess. she is very ignorant and it does not bode well for those kids
06/04/2014 12:34PM
I'm thinking this lady is mentally disturbed and needs help now. Her behavior is unacceptable and what kind of a mother is she?? On top of that, she threatened this young man. Child protective services, you need to check out the home situation with the mom and her children. She's out of control.
06/04/2014 12:39PM
Racist Woman
Clearly this woman is lacking social graces but this is still America and until the PC police completely take over, we are still entitled to our own opinions, no matter how obnoxious. Don't let this ridiculous incident turn into some raging war, or is that what the man taking the video is intending? Think about it.
06/04/2014 12:55PM
Woman makeing a fool of herself
For shame I wont even call her a lady, how sad that she had to use filth to describe her anger for someone trying to start their car it could have been anyone she is not in the majority. I am so sorry she screamed at you I would like to put a sock in hermouth. Shame on you {lady}
06/04/2014 12:58PM
Racism incident in Cheektowaga on 6/4/2014
The guy taking the video in this incident claims that racism is alive and well, emphasizing the "N" word. We all know that whites are just as racially discriminated against as are blacks, but do not choose to follow the persecution road and wave the race card, as do the blacks.
06/04/2014 1:08PM
poor kids
poor kids
06/04/2014 1:12PM
Wow; This just documents what I have always said: There are more white "N" out there than black...
06/04/2014 1:17PM
call the cops!
she should have called the cheektowaga police-they know how to handle things
06/04/2014 1:25PM
One of your listeners, obviously
Not a whole lot of difference between her rhetoric and Limbaugh's.
06/04/2014 1:28PM
She isn't the smartest woman in the block
We don't know if the only thing was start his car. That isn't on video, BUT for her to "go off" on a man she doesn't know (I don't care if he is purple with yellow polka dots) is wrong. First of all, she could have been assaulted, if this man had the same short fuse as she apparently does. There are white trash, and black trash out there. It seems as if she is the middle class white trash. BTW I'm white, and the vitriol spewed out of her mouth, in front of her kids, is NOT what I would consider a good example to set for the kids. Her children will be another generation of hateful people out there. What a shame. I just had a thought, what if (God forbid) she had an accident or was in the hospital, and a black man or woman approached her to come to her aid. What would she do? Send them away because of her blind, hatred? Something to ponder.
06/04/2014 1:34PM
Frank P
Why did wben post this horrible video. Of course it is racist by the idiot woman,but for wben to post this video with the children"s faces is so wrong of the radio station. These little children could now become targets for some radical psycho. For God's sake take it off your web page.
06/04/2014 1:36PM
Has to be an act
That costume she was wearing and that voice, No way that is a actual person.And the freight wig? Come On?
06/04/2014 1:43PM
dollar store degenerates
who cares, shes a stripper and why aint he at work-two scumbags
06/04/2014 1:49PM
talk about harassing someone wow >
this is nothing short of harassment > there is such a thing as free speech , if you don't like it don't listen > no where in this world will everyone be happy and there are other racist slurs besides the n word >
06/04/2014 1:57PM
At last, in spite of what conservatives always claim, we have finally found the one person who likely hates Obama for his race, not his policies. Phew! Glad we got that out of the way!
06/04/2014 2:09PM
Racist Cheektowaga Video Goes Viral
One question,why wasn't it recorded from the beginning so we can see how it started,on top of that he just stays and race bates.
06/04/2014 2:30PM
White Trash
Trash comes in all colors. This woman is a piece of work with her mouth in front of her kids. I'm embarrassed to be a Caucasian women. But then again I haven't "stripped" for alot of cops. Trash is trash. The majority of people in Cheektowaga do not behave this way.
06/04/2014 2:47PM
Wish I saw the whole incident
Never know what happened to set her off. As far as I'm concerned the whole video is out of context.
06/04/2014 2:47PM
This is more about mental health than racism
I think she was just saying whatever she thought would upset the man most and attacking his race was her simple-minded insult of choice. She is clearly a very disturbed person. For someone with such serious rage issues to have unsupervised access to children is really dangerous and concerning. The person making the video was so close to handling the situation in a mature way but he ruined it by antagonizing the insane woman.
06/04/2014 2:49PM
Her judgement is off,she's had more crack than a Buffalo City Street after a long Winter.
06/04/2014 2:56PM
I would be more concerned about these cops she speaks about, women like her are a dime a dozen out there, white trash. She's probably just hated the situation, it's clear she lives with black people, so she can't be a racist. We all go for the word that cuts deep and she knew by saying that it would. AS far is this joker goes, he's looking for a popular video for himself like everyone else, a viral and the only virus present was the ones she probably has. He gets her all worked up and then turns the camera on, she didn't just walk up to him and call him that, there was an exchange of some sort that we are not seeing. Both of these clowns need a life.
06/04/2014 3:02PM
we'll all die someday
The technology of today has kept our past opened to the future.
06/04/2014 3:06PM
Canadian who shops in Cheektowaga
What a horrible piece of trash she is!! ... and that voice, OMG!
06/04/2014 3:20PM
Two Sides
Why do these black people always have to go starting their cars? Not a day goes by that I don't see black people starting cars all over the place! She seems to be somewhat psycho and I find it difficult to believe her husband would actually come over and assault someone for starting a car. Talking about lawyers is just icing on the cake of dumb. The same things happens the other way around when white people start their cars. Next thing we'll have liberals trying to ban cars to prevent this sort of thing. I'm with Darius on this one and I vote to throw her out of the trailer park.
06/04/2014 3:20PM
Tea Party Patriotism!
All she needs is a misspelled sign with Obama as a witch doctor and she blends into the dwindling crowd.
06/04/2014 3:23PM
Look at the WBEN followers either defending her or blaming the guy with the camera. Where do you suppose they learned this?
06/04/2014 3:24PM
Its ok for them
Its ok for them to call each other the N word or call white people honkey and so on, They are only words. Stick and stones. Remember that saying
06/04/2014 3:39PM
The pride of Western NY.
I can guess exactly what nationality she represents. Italy's finest.
06/04/2014 3:39PM
My girlfriend and I went to Buffalo one night for a getaway. Dinner, hotel and went out to a bar. Got surrounded by black guys that straight out said they were gonna "Shoot my white a$$ and rape the blond c**t". Yep..racism is alive and I will never go to Buffalo again. EVER
06/04/2014 3:52PM
The guy is a total trouble maker.
This guy was totally looking for trouble. He made that woman totally loose her self control. I don't blame her, I blame the guy with the camera provoking her.
06/04/2014 3:57PM
Obviously this woman is not the brightest bulb on the tree. I may not agree with what she is saying but I do defend her right to say it, this is still America. Just because some dummy says the "N" word on a YouTube video does not mean "OMG we have a racism problem" in Cheektowaga. If I had a cell phone camera when I was a kid growing up on the east side of Buffalo and recorded every time I was called a honkey or cracker I would have hours of video. I never heard anyone saying we had a racism problem back then. Racism will always exist in America and it is in both the white and black communities. The only thing we can do about it as a civilization is teach our children that it is wrong. Maybe one day this will be news worthy because it happens so rarely that people are surprised to see it.
06/04/2014 4:05PM
This is a clear case of harassment.
Obviously the guy with the camera has nothing better to do with his time except harassing some white lady and her kids. Yes she did flip out. But it would have never happened if she was not provoked. This lady and her family is going to suffer because ofthis guy and his video. Whatever he did to make this lady go off on a rant is not on the video.
06/04/2014 4:17PM
blah blah blah
i think there's enough racists out there that are black. Just today i was called a white b..ch by a black woman with her little girl in the cart at sam' club. i choose to walk away . I really am sick of blacks crying racist over everything wehen they are JUST as bad with the slurs, just saying
06/04/2014 4:23PM
I hope WBEN management reads these comments
Reading listeners defend this disgusting behavior by this woman makes me wonder if WBEN management has ANY conscience regarding the attitude they foster with their programming on a daily basis. It's so sad. Whatever happened to the great WBEN?
06/04/2014 4:57PM
Not everyone feels the way she does
She's obviously trash! Great Mother too! She is very, very wrong, don't misunderstand me but he's stupid for fueling the fire. I couldn't care less the color of someones skin, but this just offers more for all skin colors to hate.
06/04/2014 5:03PM
What a shame....
Obviously needs parenting lessons and some more "crack cocaine?"
06/04/2014 5:03PM
yeah she used the n-word but
it's just a word that blacks use all the time. black-on-white VIOLENCE, on the other hand, is 10 to 30 times more common than white-on-black violence (per capita according to the Justice Department). So Bauerle, quit the pathetic racial pandering asif she's the worst thing since your show. P.S. Has the guy in the car ever used a racial slur?
06/04/2014 5:17PM
Listen to video closely
When lady say's I am going to get my husband to whip your a** and "I should throw this coffee on you and yank you out of the car" Sounds like the guy was racking a pistol to me.
06/04/2014 5:19PM
What an embarassment to our area
All he did was start his car. Her kids didn't even look scared at all. She was the one looking for trouble. "You have no idea how many cops I've stripped for" Nice tongue ring and tattoo. How old are you? Swearing and throwing out racial slurs in front of your children? Great role model. What a disgusting human being.
06/04/2014 5:24PM
Who cares?
She was being prodded & set up. Otherwise, who cares? If the husband was there, the a-hole in the vehicle would probably be in the ER.
06/04/2014 5:25PM
Just started his car?
Did he really just start his car. It's kind of hard to believe that that's the whole story. There is racism involved here. But, I think there is more to the story. And I'm not saying he did anything wrong. He probably didn't. But, it seems very far-fetched for a sane person to react this way to a person starting there care, even if there was a stereo type involved.
06/04/2014 5:28PM
Yeah racism is alive and well in ALL races. I'm wondering what transpired before the video? She called him a racist, what was said off camera, before the video began?
06/04/2014 5:30PM
SOP for this area
Buffalo is the most racist per capita of any city in the country and this woman is just another local woman with a local racist mind. I have lived in many states and over seas and living in Germany I was about 19 years old in the US.Army and I thought to myself if these nice people could do what they did I knew that it could be done here because we have more racism in this area of the country than even in the south. I lived there at least they give blacks a chance at work here forget about it. But with Buffalo having the poorest blacks in the country this should not be any thing to fuss over. The woman is just a local with not enough class to keep her hate with her and her family. However please don't think that this is something that is not happening in oh love joy all the time don't forget how poor are blacks are in this town and compare them with the ones in the south and you know that this area is one of the most racist area's in the country and that won't change because we teach our kids this all the time. Shame on WNY.
06/04/2014 5:31PM
Just look at your audience. You enabled it. You own it.
06/04/2014 5:34PM
so sad
Those poor children. That's what they're listening to every day?
06/04/2014 5:41PM
I can't believe this. I'm embarrassed to be a human being.
06/04/2014 5:45PM
Truly a poor excuse for a human being, let alone a mother of young impressionable minds..I wonder how many times CPS has been called to her home....
06/04/2014 5:59PM
I am a black guy that lives in Cheektowaga
For the most part there are good people that I live around. People that I would help any day. This guy probably was shocked as well with what was going on. I am glad he stayed in his vehicle. What would have happened if he did not? She would have really started something. Now she is admitting she by polar? We all hope for the best in our world but this is really teaching bad things to our kids. This is where hate starts.
06/04/2014 5:59PM
If this woman had a real problem with this gentleman she should have called the PD not resort to racist attacks and remarks! In my humble opinion she needs help. The worst part is that she is propagating her racist beliefs on her innocent children. Mentally unstable, period. Thank God this man didn't resort to anything other than video. Obviously he has common sense and moral stability. A lot more than I can say for Mrs. Ambrosia
06/04/2014 6:00PM
She is throwing racial slurs and calling him a "racist", I'm pretty sure she's the racist in this instance. It's ignorant and it's sad. Cheektowaga (cheektovegas) has alwayws been a racist town. How is he a trouble maker when he's the one being called the "N" word? I don't even like doing business in Cheektowaga..cops always lurking and hiding somewhere trying to give someone a ticket because of the color of their skin.....
06/04/2014 6:19PM
She was wrong, but he kept antagonizing her...what do you expect? If it were reversed how would this incident have turned out...he shoot her!
06/04/2014 6:39PM
To: Pride of WNY
You're no better than she if you can lump all people of Italian descent into one group.
06/04/2014 6:51PM
Backup and leave.
Instead of provoking her, why not backup and leave.
06/04/2014 6:54PM
What a pathetic mother
It doesn't even matter what precipitated this. NO decent mother (or father or any adult) would go on this tirade in front of her children. IF he did something to precipitate this a good mother would have simply walked into the store and removed herself and the kids from the situation. Period. She was in no danger. The kids aren't even PHASED by this - very telling. People complain about teachers? THESE Are the parents raising kids and sending them to school these days.
06/04/2014 7:00PM
Let it go...
Why didn't he just drive away... she obviously was crazy, so why did he have to egg her on... just to "prove" something... racism works both ways...
06/04/2014 7:02PM
don't get it
What proceeded the incident and why does he stick around to provoke her more? Doesn't excuse her behavior, but doesn't seem to me that he's much better for not simply walking away. I've been called all kinds of things in my life. Didn't matter enough to me to linger and entice. If she had called him stupid would he had done the same? Or fat? Or a moron? I think not.
06/04/2014 7:12PM
I really think she has a hormone in-balance.SO much rage! Has to be "change of life"!
06/04/2014 7:21PM
This guy starts his car, startles a women's children and then taunts her with a camera ? What a gentlemen !!!
06/04/2014 7:26PM
This is not news. Yes, there is racism. Yes, she was a little extreme but free speech and she is entitled to her opinion. He was also entitled to get in his car and drive away but didn't, did he. I have no idea how this began so I can't give an opinion but 2 wrongs.....?
06/04/2014 7:30PM
I blame them both
Neither individual is with out blame here. If I had to blame one more than the other I would blame her for starting the whole thing. She could have just gone in the store with her children and not caused a scene. Once she started he could have just driven away shaking his head at the crazy white lady. None of this needed to happen......
06/04/2014 8:38PM
Wow people are ridiculous
Yeah the dollar general is the place to go to see societies best. the woman lost her self control around her kids. She is a disgusting low life POS. She should not be allowed to have kids or reproduce in general she clearly doesnt need to be passing anything on to a new generation.
06/04/2014 8:54PM
Guy baited the lady
It appears that this individual went out of his way to bait the lady to get her to react in a negative way.
06/04/2014 9:17PM
just drive away
what point is this proving? be the bigger person and just drive away!
06/04/2014 9:31PM
06/04/2014 10:24PM
06/04/2014 11:00PM
Shocked and saddened
By the video and more so by the reaction. How was he "provoking " her? Him recording the event only captures the overt racism that STILL exists in this society. I don' t know either of these people but I feel like more can be assumed about the stripper, mom of the year candidate than I can about the object of her rant. On another note, has any white person been offended by the word " honkey" or "cracker"? To compare those words with n------ is pure folly. Why are we still having these conversations people? The good and bad in this world can not be identified by color,race,gender etc.
06/04/2014 11:15PM
shalom = peace...the lady acts on her own ,her reaction is like my shell shock..tomorrow she will most likely hate what she dis/said
06/04/2014 11:24PM
Illegal taping
Isn't it illegal to video tape someone without their permission?
06/04/2014 11:37PM
Not African-American
Who came up with this term? There's most likely less than 1% of these people that can actually be called this because they were born on the continent of Africa and are now Americans. Why is she a 'white' and not European-American. Name calling has gone on throughout history and most likely will continue. Racism, most likely. We don't know what happen prior to this black man starting to film. My opinion, he was looking for a fight.
06/05/2014 12:04AM
I have to be honest. Buffalo is not a sophisticated corner of the world. Outside of the University it is a decrepit sad lifeless city void of anything worth contemplation. This video is no more incriminating to issues that surround racism than it is of displaying ignorant beings existing together as incompetent foes. I agree with neither party however I have to say that this proves very little as I don't think that either would hold any candor.
06/05/2014 12:34AM
Racism goes both ways.
Both are a-holes. Woohoo, you pointed out an obviously crazy white person that used a "racial slur" while being coaxed on, instead of diffusing the situation by driving away. Lets go listen to some rap music! Can I say any of the lyrics withoutbeing a racist? Eliminate the word if you don't want it used. Also I'd rather be yelled at than beat into a coma... Just saying.
06/05/2014 12:42AM
Stripper for cops?
Is she still booking?
06/05/2014 5:27AM
What's the entire story?
Something provoked her for sure, I’m not saying what she did is justified, but the guy did something bad enough to get her started, then the guy remains real calm to make it look like he did nothing. Obviously she didn’t just start out of the blue.
06/05/2014 6:52AM
Yeah it's alive and well!
It's very peculiar, that no one is giving news to the 8, (eight) N_____s that beat down two white boys near death, in the falls here just a few days ago for trying to recover their stolen bike! WAKE UP AMERICA!
06/05/2014 7:08AM
He is the raciest one , not her .
06/05/2014 7:10AM
all over him starting his car this crazy white lady is a psycho and uses her kids as an excuse to give this guy a hard time totally wrong he handled it well i must say
06/05/2014 7:41AM
A. WBEN shame on you for presenting this, you only add fuel to the fire. B. Everyone is on edge nowadays, doesn't take much to be set off. I see it everyday. C.I feel sorry for the children. How will they grow up and with what values? D. Racism goes both ways, so dont just present the "white against the black". Just was called a white M-F on my way into work today....so it begins.
06/05/2014 7:53AM
But its ok for them
The issue I have is that its perfectly fine for Blacks to use the term in every song ,speech, and conversation they have with each other, But soon as a white person uses it they cry racist. What I saw is a pissed off woman who wasn't afraid to say exactly whats on her mind, and use whatever was going to inflict the most damage. She was wrong in how she went about it. Used terms no one should use in this day and age. BUT>>> The black community should be putting a stop to there own folks calling each other this. Its just as racist.It would be like me calling all my friends...Heya whats up Cracka'! Or Yo Cracka'! Whats up Cracka?! One i would be pissed, 2 who educated you? and 3 this guy wouldn't be my friend. 250 yrs and we havent learned a thing...PITIFUL!
06/05/2014 8:36AM
Completely Baited
She definitely has issues with anger, but the individual in the vehicle read that clearly and baited her into her rant. He was taking the video and clearly acted out the part of being the calm one in this situation. Both could have diffused this situation by either driving/walking away. Both chose confrontation instead. Guilt is 50-50.
06/05/2014 8:58AM
Lawyer ?
What reason is there for a lawyer ?? Why always a lawyer ? let it go !
06/05/2014 9:44AM
Sadly, she is the tip of a huge iceberg. The amount of casual racism I hear in day to day comments, or among friends and family is a big problem. We all know this the case, but how many of us actually call it out when we hear it. The snide little comment about another race, the wink and a nudge . The casual racism, sexism, homophobia in our culture. Well, it stops with US. When you hear it, see it, are tempted to just ignore it to get along, instead, stand up and call it out! It's the trunk of an elephant in the room that we pretend not to see.
06/05/2014 9:45AM
Awful/bad example for the children
Wow this is pretty graphic. She should be ashamed to have behaved that way not only in public but in front of her children. I am not quite sure how starting one's car startled her children, haven't they her cars starting before? I think something else may have been building up inside of her and that just triggered her to go off. I think when she started her rant the gentleman should have just pulled away. By filming and talking to her it just made the situation more intense. No it was not right to say what she did at the onset, but he should of chalked it up to pure ignorance and been the better person by driving away it would have defused the situation. All in all she should feel ashamed of herself.
06/05/2014 10:15AM
Let me get this straight...
a white woman calls a black man the n-word and they're looking at prosecuting her, but a black teen punches an elderly white woman in the head in Rochester and the police say it's not assault, it's harassment? (google “True Goon Tocool Sneekey” too find the story)
06/05/2014 10:33AM
humans reality in the lived moment
Has the video-er of this human interaction / scenario taken advantage, via recording a partial videotaping of this woman's angry words, response to him after a prior non- video tape incident with him and then, adding to the human dynamics by noting to her, he's recording her and prodding her on with his comments in her already provoked angry state?? This video is a reminder to us, we humans, in the heat of the moment, anger, protection of our young, etc.; we will say and do things we normally would not do. Reminder too, social media can be a free for all, BEWARE!!!
06/05/2014 10:45AM
I like her comment about how many cops she's danced for. Prob shouldn't have let that one slip out sweetie. Ha ha. Yeah, the cop you lap danced in gonna get involved. I always thought strippers were supposed to be attractive.
06/05/2014 11:56AM
The man claims he "just started his car" but there is no evidence of that since we don't have footage of the actual incident. And he certainly cannot be taken at his word, based on his despicable provoking and that he sticks around long after the actual incident. He also tells her he hopes her husband comes and he hopes she does something more (he clearly has an agenda and all the comments he makes to the camera are with clear intent to absolve himself from being party to the incident). You have to ask yourself - if he was really so innocent, why stick around and cause a bigger problem? Yes, racism is wrong but BOTH parties are wrong here... and both should have walked away - the woman with her kids (whose well-being and safety should have been her main concern)and who should control her mouth and her temper - and the man who continues to instigate an already volatile situation and does not edit the children's faces from the video before posting. I feel bad for both foolish parties - how silly is this entire incident and by no means does it indicate how the majority of people feel or that this is "the world we live in". This is just one woman's ignorant opinion expressed though the provoking of one ignorant man's instigation. Unfortunately, I have seen racism come in many forms, it is not just a white to black issue it applies across all races... and as long as people post videos that continue to propagate it and encourage retaliation - we will never overcome it.
06/05/2014 12:23PM
Too small to drive away
He obviously is covering for what happened before. Yeah...she is an idiot too! But thanks to someone else for pointing out "Italy's finest". What on earth does THAT have to do with anything besides more ethnic hatred. What a bunch of losers to call names before knowing the WHOLE story. There is a lot more to the beginning of this than meets the eye. Way too much "racism is alive and well". Using this incident to show his lack of confidence in himself or mankind. Very sad!!
06/05/2014 12:36PM
Thanks "Pride of Western NY"
Shall we try to guess your nationality by your stupid comment? I guess all Italians eat spaghetti every meal and carry machine guns too. I suppose that would just be "the beat goes on". But then again...you must be an American with no ethnicbackground...maybe a native? Oh...I know...WASP!! That would make you perfect and an authority, wouldn't it? Imagine...to be able to determine someones ethnicity just by the name Ambrosia. Wow...I am impressed!!
06/05/2014 3:19PM
ok black people have been the white mans punching bag for as long as i can remember i think its fair that they should be able to talk trash about us. There's no reason for this lady to act like this and i hope she's put in jail at least.And itshorrible that people are taking the women's side she admitted in the video that when he started his car her son got scared so let be.I don't think Americas fully changed we still clearly see "Racism is alive and well".
06/05/2014 5:01PM
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