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The Tom Bauerle Show

Ramblin' Man


I really enjoyed your stories of your "inner voices!"

I want to tune-up my piece on the wandering senior who found sanctuary at my home and add the important ending.

After we helped her up the stairs at her abode, she looked at me and said, "Young man, someday I may help you find your way home when you are lost."

She may have helped me more than I assisted her.


I am NOT running for Congress either.


Still looking into the possibility of getting a bus together for Mark Steyn's Toronto event on April 24th. Mark's people have contacted me and I have been waiting for more info from "the suits" to see if we can do something like that. Here is the info:


Hope we can get something going by Friday, because Mark may give us a shout-out when he sits in for Rush.


The ants are SWARMING in my driveway tonight. Yikes! And there is a ladybug invasion.


Not to be "that guy," but please be careful with the sun.

My skin is creamy white and can only take 20 minutes a side right now or I will pay.

Extra motivation? Look at photos of anyone who has lived in a sunny area for 40 years. They look like coin-purses with eyes. And you can take "coin-purses" literally or metaphorically. Giggidy.


It's Romney.

The establishment will do everything in its considerable power to avoid a brokered convention.

They want it choreographed to the second.


Glad to see the hand-picked candidate of Brian Higgins go down in flames.

The CBO has told us "Obama-Care" will cost twice what liars like Rep. Higgins told us it would cost.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Brian didn't have the balls to have a public meeting on Obama Care.

But that's OK Buffalo, keep sending ultra-libs to DC and expect things to get better.

By the way, people like Higgins (if I was pope) would be excommunicated and declared anathema and heretical.

Catholic when convenient.

These Obama boot-lickers are statists and you are NOT going to like Obama-Care.

"Maybe your mom doesn't need a pacemaker, we can give her pain meds."

Maybe we don't need these socialists in office any more.

It'll be a joyous day when I no longer have to refer to Higgins, Hochul and Slaughter as our reps.

But we may be the home to the dumbest, most enabling and benefits grabbing voters in the country.

So I won't hold my breath.


Lawn debris bags: hot commodity right now.


I wonder: if Chris Collins runs for Congress, will he trot out Alfreda Slominski again? If he runs a congressional campaign as ineptly as he ran his own county exec's campaign he hasn't a chance.

Don't worry Dems, the local GOP will find a way to fumble.

In the words of a Joe Pesci character: "They could (mess) up a cup of coffee."


When you spend your hard-earned money on gasoline, please remember that Obama and his minions WANT European-style gas prices. This is a wet-dream to them, no matter what they say. Do your own research and learn.


Wondering whatever happened to a perfectly preserved Egyptian mummy at the old Niagara Falls Museum. His name was "General Ossimpufnaferu." He was a regal, red-bearded fellow.


"I want you to know,
That I'm happy for you.
I wish nothing but,
The best for you both."

-Singer/Philosopher Alanis Morisette
Music and notes murdered at every karaoke bar


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03/21/2012 11:58PM
Ramblin' Man
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03/22/2012 9:47AM
You have to wonder about these GOP stooges.
Do they actually believe the propaganda they're ordered to read? Obama is a socialist? George W Bush is the greatest man ever to stride the earth? Zygotes and corporations are people but women are not? Fox News is a reliable source? We shouldgive the entire GNP to the richest one percent? To what degree do you have to suspend disbelief to buy this nonsense? You insult the intelligence of your audience. Actually, maybe you don't.
03/23/2012 11:23AM
You have to wonder about these GOP stooges.
Def. agree with the above. With views like that I'm never listening to this show again...
03/24/2012 9:10AM
never listening to this show again...
... or patronizing its advertisers. When a dental firm claims "ultra conservative dentistry" you can conclude that they're incompetent, they'll rip you off, and they'll call you a communist. No thanks.
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