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Romney in Sand

Check out what President Obama and Gov. Christie saw during an aerial tour of the devastated "Sandy" region this week:).

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11/01/2012 11:18AM
Romney in Sandy
What did Obama say when he saw that?
11/01/2012 4:50PM
With proper timing and a little shove, Christie could have given Obama a closer look!
11/02/2012 11:37AM
He said HA HA HA
GOP moms, do you teach your children to lie constantly like Willard and his right-wing propagandists do?
11/02/2012 12:44PM
Remember Sharron Angle?
Remember how she literally RAN AWAY from reporters? Notice how lying Willard is doing exactly the same thing? If you can't handle Jay Leno, how are you gonna deal with the terr'ists?
11/04/2012 2:33PM
Obama's reply.
Obama then said "Looks like Governor Romney is sending me a message written on the foundation upon which I built my reputation."
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