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Coutesy NBC News

Russert Remembers Ralph

Washington, DC (WBEN) An NBC News reporter with ties to Western New York says he remembers Ralph Wilson as a gentleman loyal to his fans.

"Ralph Wilson to me is someone eternally loyal to Buffalo and Western New York," says Luke Russert, whose love of the Bills came from his late father, Tim. "He obviously had ample opportunities the move to team to areas that are more profitable and never did it, and I think he should be commended for that."

Russert recalls his meetings with Wilson, and it was never about the Bills owner. "Whether it be the ticket taker, or the VIP fan, Mr. WIlson was always accomodating. He always wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable and taken care of," notes Russert. "He was someone who was the consummate gentleman who carried himself with a simple kindess that radiated from him no matter where he was."

Russert says that gentlemanly demeanor was a part of Wilson's generation. "They were never too egotistical, they never flaunted their wealth, and if you were Ralph Wilson, who turned $25,000 into hundreds of millions, you're very much inclined to be egotistical but  he never did that and that's what we loved about him more," says Russert.


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