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STAR Deadline Looming: Register Now or Never

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) December 31st is the deadline to register and receive STAR benefits, but one tax expert says it's possible if you don't sign up this year, you could miss out on the benefits permanently.

Esther Gulyas of EG Tax says there's no word on if an appeal is possible either. "The state of New York has not made a determination as of yet to determine if they'll allow people to get the STAR exemption without an appeal, so you need to do it right away," says Gulyas. On her show on WBEN, Gulyas heard from callers who said they hadn't heard much about the requirement to re-register this year. "At that point, we kind of let it drop because we though it was well publicized, but nobody is really talking about that, and it makes you think some of this has gone over some people's heads," says Gulyas.

Gulyas notes the tax savings can change from district to district.

All homeowners have to reapply for the benefit as part of an effort to weed out waste and abuse. State officials say 800,000 people still haven't registered with the Dec. 31 deadline looming. More than 1.9 million homeowners have registered for basic STAR exemptions.

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