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"Sabres Owner Terry Pegula: WBEN''s 2011 Person of the Year"
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12/23/2011 1:30PM
VOTE for WBEN's 2011 Person of the Year
Explain your vote.
12/23/2011 2:57PM
A real businessman who know the capital system
Any other vote you are showing your ignorance towards the hand out crowd in which you believe and are part of
12/23/2011 3:04PM
Terry Pegula did for Buffalo today what his predessor did years ago to keep the team in Buffalo. He did not ask for any public money to accomplish the goals he set for himself, the town and the team.
12/23/2011 5:10PM
Only choice
Pegula is the only one on the list that you can vote for w/o feeling "icky' :-/
12/23/2011 5:21PM
cathy hochul
Sorry to see her leave local government,I feel like they got rid of her localy because she is verry dynamic and could have easily made Governor in short time. Are you joking on Cuomo as a nominee?
12/23/2011 5:48PM
Thank you .....
...Terry Pegula. Even though the Sabres are going through a major slump, look at all of the new and exciting changes Terry has made. Come on Sabres, pick it up, we (and you) know you can do this. Go Sabres and Go Terry Pegula!!
12/23/2011 6:35PM
Vote for Jamey
While it can be said that what the other candidates did benefited a lot of people, they all acted in their own self interests. Jamey gets my vote. It's a sad story that has to be told. I give his parents credit for speaking out.
12/23/2011 6:40PM
vote for tolerance
All candidates, except Jamey, are serving their own interests. All of us can be proud of Jamey"s parents for speaking out
12/23/2011 7:23PM
Just another senior citizen
Mr. Croce has done wonders for one of the most important buildings in downtown Buffalo. He has rejuvenated the beautiful exterior and interior and employed lots of local people in the process.
12/23/2011 7:25PM
Just plain Lou
He has done more than most politicians in cleaning up downtown Buffalo and building jobs.
12/23/2011 9:07PM
Concerned citizen
Its nice to see an honest mover & shaker in Buffalo. His act makes our politicians look like a bunch of cronies.
12/23/2011 10:13PM
Person of year
No politicians! Pegula brings entertainment.
12/23/2011 10:42PM
Except for Mr. Pagula, most of those choices are horribly biased toward the LEFT. What does WBEN think Hochul or Poloncarz have accomplished so far besides their obsessions with self promotion? The Jamey suicide story was very sad but to now blame it mostly on bullying is a cover up by the media. Why doesn't the text about Mark Croce mention all that city funding he received? Is suggesting James Williams for Person Of The Year intended to be a joke? The choices should have been: Mr. Pagula, Gov. Cuomo, Fred Jackson, the Same Sex Marriage advocacy group, and the Buffalo police officer who finally arrested an Occupy protester downtown this week. At least each of those five accomplished something in 2011.
12/23/2011 10:56PM
Bullying sucks
How could one vote for anyone else? In memory of Jamey...
12/24/2011 8:05AM
Terry has brought back the sense of a true sportsman. One that believes in Western New York. Thanks Terry!!! If you vote for the other political suckers, shame on you. They just suck what they can from us and give nothing back, Really
12/24/2011 10:11AM
williams showed us how stupid the 'school board' really is.
12/24/2011 10:33AM
And a still small voice....
Jamie Rodemeyer was not a millionaire, a politician, a businessman. He didn't have a chance to become one. But in his own way tragically, he caused millions of people to become acutely aware of an on-going problem in American Society. While the others are notable choices by the achievements they have made, Jamie stands out because he was a "nobody" who was made aware of it everyday of his 14 years. His tragic loss has brought a focus on bullying and by his loss hopefully many others will be saved. Let's vote for the "nobody" for a change.
12/24/2011 10:56AM
Mark Poloncarz
To fight back against the right-wing plutocrats and mouthbreathers who are destroying our country.
12/24/2011 11:37AM
...greatest impact on the news of the year...
While the most tragic of stories, for a local story, it had the greatest impact nationwide.
12/24/2011 11:41AM
Small election, bigger pictures.
Hochul was a warning shot to the misguided republican House. A shot not listened to. In 2012 when the Reps are all but eliminated from the House, the Senate, and blown away from any chance at the presidency, maybe the party of Lincoln will look back atWNY election and say "hey, we shoulda paid more attention to that."
12/24/2011 2:31PM
Kathy Hochul
Medicare, Medicare, Medicare - says it all.
12/24/2011 3:18PM
He is my friend. He is my reason for happiness and my reason to cry. He deserves this award because he showed almost the entire world that it's okay to be human. Paws up to Jamey Rodemeyer! He deserves to be person of the year. ~Love, Sara Hornung
12/24/2011 8:00PM
It was a sad story. However, let's face the fact that he wasn't strong enough to survive. HE took his own life, did everyone includimg his parents think that it was going to get easier? Where were his parents and what ever happened to self responsibility? Person of the year? You have to be kidding.
12/24/2011 9:24PM
Hochul's "warning shot" already replaced by GOP win in Brooklyn/Queens
The supposed "warning shot" from Hochul was already drowned out by the victory of a Republican replacement for the seat from which Anthony Wiener had to quit in an overwhelmingly Democrat district in NY City. The Medi-Scare nonsense succeeded for Hochul only because Corwin was an awful candidate, combined with the Jack Davis effect. Even the nonpartisan PolitiFact organization has named that Medi-Scare lie told by Hochul and other Democrats to be the Lie Of The Year for 2011. The local media should confront Hochul about that!
12/24/2011 11:58PM
Justice For Jamey!
Jamey is the only candidate that inspires many, changes many, and is completely self-less. Still missing you buddy!
12/25/2011 12:18AM
Contrary to the blurb above, Mr. Croce has not received a single dollar of public money for the restoration of the Statler. The entire project has been self-financed to date thus far. He is hopeful that in the future, the infrastructure money that was promised will come through to deal with the safety issues regarding the exterior conditions of the building and facade.
12/25/2011 10:01AM
No Left Wing
Please, the left has done enough to ruin New York. The only ones they serve are the union elite.
12/25/2011 7:15PM
Driving change for the better
Pegula is a business man through and through. The other nominees are painfully left leaning and lack the core values we need in western New York to get the train back on the track and the business engines revving again.
12/26/2011 8:22AM
Not celebrating anything....
The comments about Hochul, Poloncarz and Rodemeyer amuse me. Yes they are liberal, and not necessarily worth celebrating by a station with such conservative hosts. But I don't think this survey is about celebrating anyone. It's like Time magazine picking Hitler in 1938 or Kohmeni in the 70s. If you look at who had the biggest impact this past year....can you really argue in favor of Pegula over Poloncars??
12/26/2011 9:31AM
Pegula of course
He's not done,his waste-product of a hockey might be,it just needs a major overhaul. All the others on this list were defects in their own way,not exactly fine upstanding citizes when you look into them.
12/26/2011 10:02AM
go terry
not about him
12/26/2011 10:07AM
A Mom
there is no one more deserving.
12/26/2011 10:38AM
Every one of them is not worth the vote. especially the politicians, and a man who buys a building and want"s the tax payer to bail him out. The sabres a real joke, There are a lot of better choices out there , keep looking.
12/26/2011 11:48AM
A "good feeling" vote for a change
No sad news, no bad news, no wars, no terrorists, no unemployment, no economic downturn - just a real fan spending his own, non-public money to hopefully bring us a Cup. Good for him.
12/26/2011 11:55AM
Terry ...the only choice in the list!
I love Terry Pegula, A humble man who is just interested in making Buffalo a better place by trying to improve the sabres! Love that he came to Bflo!
12/26/2011 12:10PM
Results not promises
Mark Croce, a private businessman, has done something to improve downtown Buffalo while poloticians and members of public agencies collect paychecks for making promises with no intention of following through.
12/26/2011 1:21PM
Jamey's of the world
Even though I do not condone of Jamey's decision to end his life, I think Jamey's message speaks for anyone who has every experienced the pain caused by a bully for what ever hate they have for someone else. I believe Jamey sends us the message you can't do it alone. His message is for everyone that has seen a bully in action and sat idle in fear of the consequences to intervene. We have to be our brothers keeper. Until we decide to treat everyone as our brother, there will be more Jamey's. Its sad that we react when its too late.
12/26/2011 4:25PM
a tax payer
Jumped right with both feet. A real for the people person
12/26/2011 6:31PM
Jimmy Williams
How could you not for Jimmy Williams as another outsider who comes into town, sells a bill of goods and walks away with a ton of money after accomplishing nothing. He's smilin' all the way to the bank on this one. Shame on Wilmers too for bringing him to town and bullying the school board and others to hire him so he would be sure his bank would make good on the reconstruction project for the school. Doesn't it all come down to $$$?
12/26/2011 8:18PM
Despite all the crazy rhetoric and promises by the mayor in press conferences, there is not be penny of city or state money in the Statler ... It's all Croce. The 5.2 million the city promised to shore up the roofs and exterior doesn't come close to what he has already spent bringing the building back...employing hundreds of local contractors....
12/26/2011 8:54PM
Make Choices For Things that Really Matter
The fact that so many people believe that someone involved in sports is the most important and influential speaks volumes as to why this area is so backward and behind other parts of the state and country!
12/26/2011 9:45PM
Go Terry ...
...just because!!
12/26/2011 9:49PM
not one single dollar to Croce from Byron, but
5.3 million of them, eh Misinformed? Updated: August 31, 2011, 12:48 PM Mayor Byron W. Brown said Tuesday that he supports spending $5.3 million in public funds to help refurbish the historic Statler Towers. About three years ago, $15 million in economic-development funding was allocated to the city by the State Dormitory Authority, Brown administration officials said, and the $5.3 million would come out of that allocation.
12/26/2011 10:04PM
No politics
I just thought there should be no politics for a change. So, I voted for the best sportsman on the list.
12/26/2011 10:19PM
reply to Not Celebrating
Mark Poloncarz might have a big impact on this area. Let's wait until 2012 and see if changes happen. He might leave more in place than his campaign would have people expect. Kathy Hochul's election has low impact on people's lives. Despite the media's hopes it didn't foreshadow a trend in later special elections for Congress. Jamey's story is something very sad still being used to hype ratings by blaming it on bullying. Its news impact was because of the news industry. It truly impacted those close to him who have my deepest condolences. Terry Pegula in 2011 already helped the Sabres franchise's future in Buffalo by his upgrading of the arena and the entire organization.
12/26/2011 11:05PM
Joke of the year
None are worthy, All are for them selves only
12/27/2011 4:59AM
This man brought some real hope for buffalo. Hope the sabres can show him some real appreciation and at least be in the running this year.
12/27/2011 5:51AM
Jamey-worldwide impact
Jamey impacted not only us in WNY, but the world. He opened the door for many parents to talk to their own children about such hard topics as bullying, sexuality, and suicide. Many schools have paused and re-evaluated policies. Jamey obviously has nothing to gain in his actions nor in this recognition, but choosing him gives voice to 'just be nice and accepting. (Literally. Period. The world would be so much more pleasant!)'
12/27/2011 6:23AM
none of these worthy i vote for rush
he is the only one telling the truth
12/27/2011 7:43AM
Home Town Gal
Kathy is a REAL person who Listens to the People and VOTES on the Issues. She represensts her district on Both sides of the Isle and does not dodge The People and The Hot Topics.
12/27/2011 7:45AM
RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!
RON PAUL 2012!!!!!
12/27/2011 8:15AM
orleans county citizen
Where is the 'none of the above box' so I can vote?
12/27/2011 8:35AM
Results in our backyard, no questions, hands down
12/27/2011 8:46AM
No Politicians!
Hochul? Poloncarz? Cuomo? REALLY????? There hasn't been a politician around here worthy of anything other than a sack of pennies in eons. Do they really listen to their constituents? Has anyone solved anything, from the reason why our gas prices are the highest (although they are dropping everywhere else) to bigger issues??? Them being in the poll is a joke. Pegula is the obvious choice.
12/27/2011 9:09AM
Not about money
Jamey changed lives and sadly we couldn't change his. He didn't win a polularity contest like the elected officials in fact he lost one. This would be a good chance to even the score
12/27/2011 9:11AM
your kidding me!
It posed the same problem as which candidate to choose for the republican nom.
12/27/2011 9:12AM
Croce all the way
Croce was the only one that believed, it took alot for him to make a tough decision and take a chance. Go statler. If only there were more like him in Buffalo. Gotta give credit to Rocco as well.
12/27/2011 9:19AM
It took a death for people to realize the seriousness of bullying in our society!
12/27/2011 9:22AM
About time we looked at the cruelty of bullying
It was in 1966 a grammer school schoolmate of mine hung himself when he began high school. He was'nt gay ,just a little different in behavior that drew harsh and cruel ridicule. I myself was bullied at several times at a young age so I quit high school .Parents need to look at their kids who display aggresive behavior and correct it immediately .There is no worse fear than to be terrorised just for being different
12/27/2011 9:24AM
Buffalo Booster
Pegula is the only choice, hands down. He has made more of a positive impact on Western New York than anyone else. He deserves our thanks and praise.
12/27/2011 9:29AM
He made a committment, he's keeping it. The rest of the list is a laugh. Where is Rocco Termini's nomination? He's done more for city revitalization that Crocce. While I grieve for kids who take their own life, nominated the memory of Jamey doesn't change the fact that the Williamsville school system should accept more responsibility for not disciplining bad behavior. Hochul and Poloncarz haven't proved themselves yet.
12/27/2011 9:30AM
He made a commitment, he's keeping it. The rest of the list is a laugh. Where is Rocco Termini's nomination? He's done more for city revitalization that Crocce. While I grieve for kids who take their own life, nominated the memory of Jamey doesn't change the fact that the Williamsville school system should accept more responsibility for not disciplining bad behavior. Hochul and Poloncarz haven't proved themselves yet.
12/27/2011 10:07AM
Jamey had brought to the forefront the main national issue of a common issue throughout America’s educational system. He show it is a major issue by giving his own life through his own pain that other kids are feeling, and going through each and every day. Jamey has open the eyes of many on a national level, and though suicide isn’t right maybe by Jamey’s action will end bullying for good.
12/27/2011 10:27AM
IF the criteria is impact, and not likeability, ya gotta pick Williams. The good he did rebuilding schools will live long beyond all the nastiness. His bitter pettiness will last too. His legacy like a bad smell will linger for a long time. No sarcasm. Really. Based on the long term, he's the man.
12/27/2011 10:34AM
Finally ending this BS about government being run like a business.
12/27/2011 10:36AM
I feel for Jamey's family, but unfortunately bullying has been around for decades and will continue despite countless tragedies such as his. I truly don't believe that enough people "woke up" regarding the issue of bullying to change things, which is so very sad.
12/27/2011 10:44AM
Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo
Love him or hate him, has there been any other governor who has made this much change in just his first year ? He's the effing steamroller that Eliot Spitzer only wanted to be.
12/27/2011 10:49AM
Mark Poloncarz
This is in hopes of helping individuals, like me, who suffer quality of life problems in, rural areas where no one watches what goes on. There was no hope, before. I have it now. You don't know what it is like when no one cares, are bullies and bystanders, in a small community, that allows people to suffer because they have control and no one watches. Now, we have a top watch person and someone who truly cares to make ALL of Erie County a better place to live and be safe.
12/27/2011 11:08AM
Stratospheric approval ratings. Gay marriage, property tax caps, an on-time budget, new tax rates, labor peace
12/27/2011 11:16AM
Wake up!
Hahaha!!!!!! Poloncarz gets elected and all of a sudden you now have hope? The supposed 'watch person' you mention will be like all the rest--makes all kinds of promises and ends up keeping so very few. Wake up buddy.
12/27/2011 11:23AM
Cant vote for Pegula
Really Buffalo? Yeah. Let's continue to define ourselves by our sports teams, because we have nothing else. It doesn't matter if the teams continue to lose. Who-hooo! Finger in air! We're number one! With all due respect to Mr. Pegula, saying we will win a sports championship is nowhere near the kind of change the others bring. Nice earnest guy? OK, but getting us excited about the Sabres is neither life changing nor long term. I really don't like anyone on this list, but by lowering property taxes Cuomo actually did something that matters a lot more than building a new locker room and saying we will someday win a cup.
12/27/2011 11:34AM
12/27/2011 11:47AM
Poloncarz, Cuomo, Hochul, all bums full of hot air. Pegula doesnt take taxpayers cash.
12/27/2011 11:48AM
Underdog defeats king of the mountain
Marks campaign reminded me of the turtle and the hare. The king sat smugly in his castle thinking he would rule the empire forever. He didn't want to debate, didn't want to face the issues or his voters. Mark relentlessly forged ahead never giving up hope despite the polls saying he was behind. He reached out to the community, the voters and made a real connection, a human connection. His is a tale of how persistance pays off.
12/27/2011 11:52AM
Kathy Hochul
Proved that Republicans don't rule the roost
12/27/2011 12:11PM
Mark Poloncarz
Very Obvious Winner!
12/27/2011 12:14PM
The only one of the candidates that GAVE something positive...the rest only TAKE!
12/27/2011 12:37PM
Obviously .....
It's so very obvious that the same couple of people are making the many posts boasting about the miracles of Hochul, Poloncarz and Cuomo. Same writing style in each post, same comments. What--nothing else to do now that Christmas is over?
12/27/2011 1:25PM
Have you lived in Buffalo long? 58 years for me. "the sole purpose of the Buffalo Sabres is to win a Stanley Cup". And he put his financial backing behind it! Others may be worthy, but for THIS YEAR, no-one outshines Mr. Pagula.
12/27/2011 1:38PM
Starting today, the Buffalo Sabres' reason for existence will be to win a Stanley Cup. And he is putting his money where his mouth is. Others may be worthy but for THIS YEAR, nobody beats Terry!
12/27/2011 2:42PM
The only person who knows how a real business works - forget govt and the hand out crowd - he pays taxes with real money - you know the money others have their hand out for. Get a real job and imrpove yourself
12/27/2011 2:46PM
Wait until you see what he does - Erie County taxes are going up - have fun paying them
12/27/2011 3:03PM
re - Obviously .....
....that's why it's called "voting" ...
12/27/2011 3:06PM
Terry ....
look at all he has done ...
12/27/2011 3:13PM
Terry Pegula
The only one who is honest so far, who gave us a little hope for the future.
12/27/2011 3:41PM
The only one of the candidates that GAVE something positive...the rest only TAKE from the public trough. Government employees are tax consumers. Pegula produces tax revenue.
12/27/2011 4:28PM
It's Croce
Hands Down it's Mark Croce. He had the nerve to put his money where his mouth is. Just wait a few years when he has both towers open with apartments, a Hotel, shops and offices. The city will owe him a debt of gratitude.
12/27/2011 6:32PM
Man of the Year
He deserves this as he made a commitment to this team and used his own money
12/27/2011 6:54PM
I hope some of these nominations were a joke
Not good choices in general, but Kathy Hochul & Mark Polancarz? He's not even sworn in yet so what has he done? Not an outstanding controller. She has just become a junior member of the House--again, hasn't done anything yet, nor should she have been expected to. I can understand Cuomo, but wouldn't choose him. He has, so far been an effective governor. James Williams? Can't imagine the logic. I do understand reasons for honoring the other nominees. Regretably, I think the one who actually made the biggest impact this year was Jamey Rodemeyer.
12/28/2011 8:44AM
Terry Pegula
He deserves it as he is for us and the city - Go Sabres
12/28/2011 8:47AM
Terry Pegula
He deserves it as he is doing so much for our city - Go Sabres
12/28/2011 11:25AM
Terry Pegula
Terry, is someone who is not afraid of taking a chance, seems like just a normal person. We don't need politicians on this list. Sick of hearing all their names.
12/28/2011 11:32AM
What a Joke
I chose the least objectionable...Terry Pegula. At least his motives were non-self-serving. I feel badly about Jamey; however, the left is using his death to forward their own agenda...his death was not just about bullying.
12/28/2011 11:34AM
What a Joke
The only one on the list who did anything non-self-serving is Terry Pegula. I feel badly for Jamey; however, the left is using his death to forward their own agenda. That's sad. His death was not just about bullying.
12/28/2011 12:06PM
Some say it's just a game, but it's not, it's a business, a very lucrative business that directly affects our economy and way of life here in WNY. Changing the mindset of the Sabres and committing to a common goal gives us something to believe in and get excited about. Studies have shown that workers are much more productive on a Monday following a Bills' win than a loss. It's not just a game, it's a part of who a lot of us are and always will be. This is a city that mirrors it's sports teams to the point where it relevantly affects out lives. We will win the cup and when that happens I will never be prouder to be from Buffalo.
12/28/2011 12:22PM
To: "That's why it's called voting":
Yeah, but you get one vote. Guess I have to explain it further--My point was that there were a couple of people putting up post after post to make it seem like loads of people were behind the politicians. Nice try.
12/28/2011 12:46PM
Bringing money to the area
Pegulla brings excitement in the Sabres to the community again. This will in turn bring money to the area through marketing and merchandizing. The politicians just dip their hands in our pockets.
12/28/2011 1:12PM
The only one on the list to even consider
12/28/2011 1:39PM
Disappointed in WBEN and their choices
I'm sorry, but your choices were disappointing, I thought maybe your choices would be away from the government officials who work at half speed and look for every handout possible for them and their constituency...instead how about people that workhard, pay their taxes and add something to the economy. I'm out of NYS ASAP
12/28/2011 1:42PM
Are you kidding me. Government officials as people of the year. WBEN better get with it. You're as bad as The Buffalo News.
12/28/2011 1:46PM
Captain Obvious
There is no question. Jamey Rodemeyer
12/28/2011 1:56PM
Forever in our hearts.
Jamey, we're on the edge with you.
12/28/2011 2:46PM
Jamey all the way!
Okay, for those of you that don't already know, Jamey's life was taken due to yet another suicide. This "Little Monster" couldn't tolerate school and the bullies that came with it and ended his life. He has helped to open the eyes of many people, helping to make bullying a hate crime. I honestly don't know what more to say, sexuality and race are the two largest reasons for one's act of bullying and I'm fed up with it. You people need to do something. Stop sitting on your asses watching all this go down! At least people like Lady Gaga are trying to help end all this nonsense.
12/28/2011 2:46PM
Jamey all the way!
Okay, for those of you that don't already know, Jamey's life was taken due to yet another suicide. This "Little Monster" couldn't tolerate school and the bullies that came with it and ended his life. He has helped to open the eyes of many people, helping to make bullying a hate crime. I honestly don't know what more to say, sexuality and race are the two largest reasons for one's act of bullying and I'm fed up with it. You people need to do something. Stop sitting on your butts watching all this go down! At least people like Lady Gaga are trying to help end all this nonsense.
12/28/2011 2:58PM
Pegula all the way even though the Sabres aren't doing too good...I don't think I would ever vote a politician in as person of the year.
12/28/2011 3:06PM
Jamie Rodemeyer
Jamey thru death started a movement long overdue. Bullying is a cruel and cowardly act and action has to be addressed to those who partake in such actions. A movement has been started across this nation and world wide to prevent such acts and with the Grace of God, Jamie did not die in vain. his death should be honored.
12/28/2011 3:42PM
Terry Pegula
He has brought some excitement to this city - Go Sabres
12/28/2011 4:25PM
Andrew Cuomo, having the greatest effect on the most people in this state is my choice. He had the greatest "impact on the news of the year"!
12/28/2011 5:16PM
none of the above
You forgot to add NONE of The ABOVE.
12/28/2011 7:17PM
Such a shame that it has to come to death of a young boy for people to realize how important this issue is!!!!!!!!
12/28/2011 8:27PM
Terry Pagula
He will bring the Stanley Cup to Buffalo in a couple years
12/29/2011 7:01AM
terry only one i can pick
not one of the rest deserve person of the year award.sick any thing to grab attention of lady gaggag is a total turn off . Our troops that are committing suicide must be addressed. Why is being gay so special ??? suicide is a sin period people NOONE gets award for that wben stop promoting evil.the rest are democrats ,you have to be noone I know voted for Cuomo, or Poloncarz .Carl Paladino is the person of the year in my book and many many others but looks like wben is going totaly liberal on us.
12/29/2011 7:22AM
There is only one person who should even be considered
Who made up this list?? Pegula is the only one that has done anything significant...
12/29/2011 7:34AM
person of the year
except for Terry the rest are a big fat joke,
12/29/2011 7:37AM
I vote for Jamie.
I cannot believe that anyone whould vote for a political person when they are all crooks and only look out for themselves. Jamie was the true person with heart. It's too bad he had to end his life this way. I'm sure there are many others thatare like him and need help. Do not turn the other cheek when someone is in need. Help though that are being abuse. Report and let's be heard. God Bless You Jamie.
12/29/2011 8:42AM
IS this for real?
Poloncarz is a union hore, Hochul is a party hore, Croce wants us to pay for his projects, Williams opened the crapper lid and tossed the kids in. That leaves Cuomo and Pagula. Cuomo caught me off guard because he is working for the people of this state and that gives him the edge over Pagula who is doing what he believes in.
12/29/2011 9:56AM
You can see from some of these comments the effects a nonstop barrage of right-wing lies, fearmongering and propaganda has on certain individuals in your audience. Let's hope they're not violent.
12/29/2011 9:58AM
Despite all the naysayers at WBEN, he is bringing back a downtown jewel and employing many local craftmen too.
12/29/2011 10:26AM
Mark Croce
I am so happy to see all the people that Mark had employed in the city to revitalize the Statler. I worked in the Statler Hotel, and Statler Towers, and that is such a beautiful building. I am glad to see all of Mark's efforts coming to light forour whole community. Thanks Mark!!!
12/29/2011 10:36AM
Nice choices
Nice selection of worthless people we get here...Let's see, we get to choose from three worthless liberal politicians, a gay kid who offed himself, a moron who wasted millions in taxpayer money and was racist enough to say that a white person should not be hired to replace him, a moron who dumped a bunch of money into a lost cause hockey team and made a bunch of stupid and gullible fans think he was basically the second coming of Christ (yet can't even put together a winning team), and some dude named Croce who is fixing up one of the pathetic derilict city's many derelict buildings. I voted for Croce basically because he is the only one that has done anything remotely positive.
12/29/2011 11:29AM
Jamey Rodemeyer
I personally think that it is reprehensible to include Jamey Rodemeyer on this list. I have nothing against Jamey but the fact that he committed suicide and chose death over life is nothing worthy of commendation. Placing him on this list sends an awful message to our children that making such an awful decision can bring fame and honor to a very dishonorable and shameful act. I sympathize with Jamey's awful circumstances, although I have never been in his shoes. He made the wrong choice though when he took his own life and it would be awful if any of our children followed his example because of the type of attention he is receiving. I think that WBEN should be more discerning when making these considerations and should act with a little more discretion.
12/29/2011 11:47AM
Right thinking.
I was just thinking about this just the other day. From a local standpoint - it's the developers who are revitalizing downtown with lofts, and hotel space - The Lafayette Hotel, Statler, and Larkin Terminal Warehouse being prime examples. From a societal standpoint - Jamey Rodemeyer being the catalysis to eliminate bullying trumps the local successes. Human life trumps business. Regarding the other comments here: Hore? Learn to spell. Another fine example of our education system. I can't believe people define themselves by their political agendas. Life is so much bigger then a "liberal" or "right" viewpoint. Look at each item on its merit. Not if it is Left or Right. Think.
12/29/2011 12:00PM
I vote for jamie
ive known this family for years....they did not deserve this ...they are a wonderful family...he is more deserving of this award than anyone else..expecially if it saves just one more life...
12/29/2011 12:16PM
The action Jamey took was a choice he made, because he like many others, did not get the support they deserved by the same rights everyone is supposed to have. Jameys' story not only impacted his home town and the USA, but the world as well. Jamey only wished to be able to be himself and to be loved for himself just as he allowed for anyone he ever came incontact with. He deserves this and much more. But for now this is a good place to start...
12/29/2011 1:30PM
And yet...people still continue to bully...even in the comments left on this forum!
12/29/2011 1:58PM
WBEN Listen up! Do you want to be like the Buffalo News - Step Up
The choices you set up for this vote looks like you are nothing but a bunch of leftist media types. Have some back bone and do what is right - or have you sold out to the left. You stink
12/29/2011 2:27PM
I vote Jamie
Children often do not realize the pain they inflict on one another. That is why they have parents, to guide them on the right path. Every parent should be teaching their children to respect their fellow man. Jamie's death is and will remain terrible for everyone who knew and loved him. I pray it has opened a door to understanding. I also pray that his family will find peace within their hearts. I vote Jamie because I think if we care about why he died and try to change hate to understanding our world will be a better place.
12/29/2011 2:35PM
This is a joke, right?
Since when do we award SUICIDE? Is this a joke?
12/29/2011 3:13PM
Bullying Brought Into the National Spotlight by Local Family
Sure it's nice to have a sports team and renovated party hall, but they only benefit a protion of the community. The prevention and punishment of bullying benefits ALL human beings, and can do more to produce a better future than any of the other things on the voting list. Vote with your head - not your pom poms. Jamey Rodemeyer is the ONLY choice!
12/29/2011 4:12PM
I'm voting for Jamey, not only because he was and STILL is my friend, but because it was his mission to help others. He always wanted people to know that they were amazing the way the are. And I really wish bullying could and would end. It needs to. I'm 100% behind helping stop it and I will stand behind him and any other person who has been bullied.
12/29/2011 4:36PM
A person who should be acknowledged for the person he was, and the legacy he will leave ... my love to him and the family and the loved ones he left behind
12/29/2011 5:49PM
He never lost his focus on his commitment to Buffalo and never will. I love him for that!!!!!
12/29/2011 7:03PM
More inspiration than the other , and more change for the world ....
12/29/2011 7:51PM
List makes me sick
This pathetic group truly shows how far this great country has fallen in priorities. I'm suprised Byron Brown didn't make it for currying to the Occupy turds. Sorry, gotta go, paying respects to Kim Jung Ill...............wake up people!
12/29/2011 11:07PM
I hope poeple will get the message to think before saying things to others. I wish he was here to know what a diffents he made but I'm sure he's looking down at us knowing what he did, he did for others too.
12/30/2011 6:37AM
Rus Thompson
I wont take anything away from the other WBEN suggested candidates. I am curious why such an amazing Buffalo Area Amazing Citizen like Mr Thompson isnt represented here. I wont go into how valuable he is to our community pride and how his example has inspired so many others to get informed and involved..but i will say thanks Rus and WBEN for doing just that.
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