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"Sabres Unveil 3rd Jersey"
Is Not Available At This Time.
09/04/2013 12:41PM
Sabres Unveil 3rd Jersey
What do you think of the new jerseys?
09/04/2013 3:17PM
What Were They Thinking
Awful....just awful. Worse than the satanic goat head and the slug
09/04/2013 3:38PM
Get a new designer
This is about as creative as the gray arm pits of the current jerseys.
09/04/2013 4:19PM
You can create all the jerseys
Hey guys, you can try to fleece the flock all you want but put a team in them and do SOMETHING! All you guys seem to think is $$$$$ and no return to the fans. As my old Irish Grandmother once said, "Scr_w U."
09/04/2013 8:32PM
I like it. There staying with the blue and gold and the crossed sabres and you can read the players name and number better.
09/05/2013 6:40AM
I like it! Kind of retro
Has the look of old time hockey. I Especially like the block letters used for "BUFFALO". Critics of the jersey need to lighten up and just enjoy! Everyone's a critic these days! People complain for the sake of complaining.
09/05/2013 6:46AM
good grief
just win
09/05/2013 7:04AM
last year they played like clowns
this year they will look like them
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