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Sammy Watkins In Buffalo ; HEAR HIM HERE

In one night, the number of people following Sammy Watkins on Twitter almost doubled, to 102,000.

"It's just remarkable to be in the position to know that many people are watching me.  So I got to be a leader, an idol not only to myself, but to little kids, ' he said in one of his first Buffalo interviews since being selected as the Buffalo Bills top 2014 draft choice Thursday .
  Sammy Watkins On:

Food, Music and Movies: "I like funny movies. I'm actually a movie guy. On Food, I'll eat anything. I try to eat healthy.

CJ Spiller: "Its just a blessing to a part of something with a fellow alumni from Clemson... so the transition wouldn't be that hard."
Watkins whirlwind tour of Buffalo began this morning, one day after the Buffalo Bills selected the record breaking Clemson wide receiver with the fourth pick overall in Thursday night's draft.  The team traded away a first and fourth round pick next year to get him.

"It felt great that the Buffalo Bills believe in me, in my ability, in my character," Watkins said, in a wide ranging interview Friday morning with WBEN's John Zach & Susan Rose  "...I know it has been a great organization for many years, and I can't wait to be a part of this organization

Sammy Watkins with John Zach & Susan Rose     HEAR IT HERE   

Or see it on YouTube here


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