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Schumer Speaks on School Safety, Bills' Future

Cheektowaga, NY (WBEN) - For many school districts, the costs of keeping their buildings safe are skyrocketing.

"We spend $254,000 for the four SROs (School Resource Officers) we have in our two middles schools and two high schools," said West Seneca Superintendent Mark Crawford. "We also spend $400,000 for additional security personnel within the district, and that's in addition to what we spend on our cameras."

It's For that reason Senator Charles Schumer was at the Cheektowaga Central School District on Monday, asking for federal funding for school safety programs.

"Safety has got to be very, very important to schools, and these schools know that," Schumer said. "The question is, can the federal government help out, so that the money they get they can use for education? The federal government used to help out, but now there's been a dramatic drop in funding."

Schumer says that after last week's attack at a Pittsburgh area high school, the issue of school safety is on the top of many minds in Washington, and having federal funding for school safety programs will prevent schools from having to dip in to education funding to keep their schools safe. "There is a greater sense of urgency, and I think we have a decent chance of getting this done," Schumer said.

The senator also made some comments on the future of the Buffalo Bills. Schumer serves on a new stadium working group where the team, State, and Erie County discuss plans for a possible new stadium.

"We've had a great deal of discussions... on almost a daily basis," Schumer said. "What we're doing now is getting the lay of the land; who might be interested, what they would need to stay here in Buffalo, what we would need to require them to stay here in Buffalo."

Schumer told reporters that it is "a little early" to talk about specific owners or stadium sites, but did note that there is a desire to complete a sale relatively quickly from not only the Bills, but also from the league.

"Both Mr. Wilson's desire that the Bills stay in Buffalo and the estate('s desire) to maximize it's dollars, the two don't have to be in conflict."

Schumer says he expects the New Stadium Working Group to meet soon, but there has not yet been a date set for their next meeting.

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