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Search To Find Marine That Matches Lost Ring

 Rick Cohen, the owner of the Transit Drive in is on a quest to find the owner of a Marine Corps ring lost there last week.  While the debate rages on Facebook as to the best ways to track down the owner,  here's the basics.  Rick writes:

"We need your help! A United States Marine Corps ring was found last Thursday night, June 19, at the Jimmy Buffett Livecast, inside our men's restrooms. It is our duty to try our hardest to return this ring to its rightful owner. The inscription inside of the ring reads, "Balfour Cel," "PLT 1053," and "07/19/13." If this ring belongs to you or someone you know, it will be our honor to return it into your possossion, so long as we are provided with the appropriate proof and documentation. Thank you!"

If you think you can help, contact Rick via Facebook HERE   or  at  625-8535

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Hear more from Rick Cohen, with WBEN's John Zach & Susan Rose
On Facebook, several amateur sleuths have put forth possible clues to the ring's owner. Add yours below.
It is apparently a graduation ring, possibly from  PLT (Platoon) 1053 Graduating class from Parris Island, South Carolina. Their site indicates that he was probably with the CHARLIE Platoon , and is therefore either  aged 17-29, or possibly 20-28 if he was doing officer training..
Balfour Cell, apparently refers to the Marine's company, but the 1053 is a red herring because platoons do not however go by four numbers, except in boot camp  .

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06/25/2014 8:40AM
Search To Find Marine That Matches Lost Ring
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06/28/2014 11:09PM
Blafour Cell is the manufacturer and type of metal. Made by Balfour out of their "special" metal called Celestrium Right there is DUH! Simple search turned that up.
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