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"Sheriff Considers Charges; Dad beats 4 Year Old Daughter's Rapist"
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06/19/2012 10:37AM
Sheriff Considers Charges; Dad beats 4 Year Old Daughter's Rapist
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06/19/2012 10:53AM
gary in alden
i would have done the same thing in fact if i see anyone sexualy asulting any women or child i would do the samething vet with zero tolerance
06/19/2012 8:18PM
No mercy for pedophiles!
Father doing his best to protect his child. If he didn't kill him, someone else would have. No tax payers money going to this Child RAPEST defense!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned" BUT DON'T EVZEN THINK ABOUT DAD, CAUSE IF YOU TOUCH MY KID"S EVEN GOD CANNOT SAVE YOU" Said with all due respect to our Lord and Savior "Jesus Christ"......:-)
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