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Short Sunday Thoughts March 18, 2012

The best of times, the worst of times.

First gardening of 2012!

Never thought I'd be out tilling the soil in shorts at this point.

This warm St. Patrick's Day weekend set Irish and every other nationality of eyes smiling, however as someone who loves to garden I want to advise my fellow soil servants to start getting ahead of the weeds now!

It was discouraging to see the clusters of deep-rooted weeds that have already gained a foothold.

Loud Music

I really enjoy music, but even the music I enjoy sounds crappy when I am subjected to it from your stereo.

Our local parks (my favorite is the Niagara River in the Tonawandas) should be relaxing refuges.

Sadly, when I visited Sunday at 5 PM some dillweed decided that it should sound like downtown San Juan.

I hope the local PD's will be on hand this summer to make sure everyone can enjoy recreating.

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03/18/2012 11:08PM
Short Sunday Thoughts March 18, 2012
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03/18/2012 11:17PM
Huh huh you said dillweef heh hmm huh
03/21/2012 10:53PM
Short Wednesday Thoughts March 21, 2012
Thought about doing the grass cutting, clean up the backyard, trim the trees, clean out the shed, wash down the garage but all I could think about is when will my Iron (Harley) be finished so I could go riding. I felt the yard work could wait besides where is the grass going to go nowhere but up.I thought about starting the two painting projects on the bedroom and my office still these two projects are just at the planning stage as it be for last 5 years.Watched a bit of the Yankees preseason game today, they won, they’re looking good and strong should be a good season.Yeah, its that time of the year for loud music which I will never understand why the just wont enforce the law (s) but I make noise to when I ride my Harley, and I like to change my pipes to street thunders which will get rid of those catalytic converters., bring up the volume a bit more but the thunders are legal.
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