Paladino Plan

Paladino: Jail Parents, Curb Truancy

   Parents of chronically absent Buffalo Public School students could be prosecuted and sent to jail under a resolution that school board member Carl Paladino plans to file at tomorrow's board meeting.   

Yan Novikov
Russian Missile?

Probe: MH 17 Over Ukraine Was Hit By Russian Made Missile

(AP) Malaysia Airlines flight 17 was destroyed by a Buk surface-to-air missile over eastern Ukraine, the Dutch Safety Board said Tuesday as it presented the results of an official probe.
Cheektowaga Schools

Police Probe Threat At Cheektowaga Schools

   Parents of students at Cheektowaga Central School, one of the area's largest districts, have asked police to investigate after receiving an automated voice message alerting them to a possible threat.    The threat unfolded in a
9 Years Later

Replacing Trees Lost in October Surprise of 2006

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Nine years ago today, Western New Yorkers were shocked to be without power as two feet of snow fell at a rapid pace. The outages were caused by trees felled by the heavy snow.

Predicting 2016

(WBEN) - While some would say that it's still early in the process, David Rothschild, an economist at Microsoft Research, believes he has a pretty good handle on who will be on the ticket for 2016's general election.
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