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The Tom Bauerle Show

Stairway to Heaven 40th Anniversary Fun!

It was awesome ending the show today with a little rock 'n roll history on this, the 40th anniversary of Stairway to Heaven.   We took some callers who played the song on guitar and recorder.  Check 'em out if you missed it!   And the special video montage edition of Stairway is below.  Enjoy!



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11/08/2011 12:47PM
Stairway to Heaven 40th Anniversary Fun!
Let me know what you think!
11/08/2011 6:11PM
Tony plays Stairway!
Tom, my name is Ed Schubauer and i sing for the band TMG Buffalo Band (on facebook), please like us. Tony Mirabelli is our guitarist and i want to thank you for putting him on the show live this morning. We wont be able to fit his head in the rehearsal room anymore thanks to you!!LOL! But on amore serious note, i love your show and all you do for local music! We are playing a gig on Thanksgiving Eve and would love to have you there, drinks on me. Please check our facebook page for details and keep rockin. Sincerely, Ed Schubauer-le!
11/08/2011 6:20PM
I liked my brother Tony the best! Dan was second and Don last. What a great tribute! I loved it.
11/08/2011 7:52PM
Stairway to Heaven Show
I really enjoyed this segment of the program if only because I expected to hear nothing but politics. I loved the guitar solos. While I know little about music, I enjoy hearing the enthusiasm of someone like you and the musicians who called in. Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do.
11/08/2011 8:36PM
Tony, tribute Stairway To Heaven 40th!
Tony was the best! Loved it!
11/08/2011 9:26PM
Stairway to Heaven
Tom, my name is Jeff Bauer and I listen to your show every morning. I thought todays show was fantastic. Keep up the good work and do more shows like this. Sincerely, Jeff Bauer-le!
11/09/2011 5:09AM
Don was great. Long live the Audmasters!!!! A true rock and roller.-Gabe
11/09/2011 8:40AM
They all sound like Eddie Van Halen doing Stairway.
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