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Sweet Jenny's FInds Home Sweet Home

Williamsville, NY (WBEN) Plans are in the works to make the Water Mill on Spring Street the permanent home of Sweet Jenny's. The announcement was made by Senator Chuck Schumer and WIlliamsville Mayor Brian Kulpa.

“Sweet Jenny’s Ice Cream is setting up shop in the Williamsville Water Mill, which is exactly the type of impact we had in mind when pushing federal agencies to ‘Picture Main St.’ improvements and their positive impact on residents and new business activity,” said Senator Schumer. “Williamsville is quickly becoming a model for how smart investment in infrastructure can improve quality of life, help grow local businesses, and make a community more attractive to tourists and visitors. The decision to make the Water Mill the permanent home of Sweet Jenny’s is the cherry on top of a project that is truly transforming the Williamsville community.”  
"Through the hard work of Senator Schumer, we have seen significant public investments by the Environmental Facilities Corporation and NYS DOT in the core of our business district,” said Williamsville Mayor Brian Kulpa. “I am proud to have that public investment now joined by significant private investment by Sweet Jenny's. Howard and Tara Cadmus are true friends of the Village and will be great stewards for the preservation of the Mill.”

"While our interest in occupying and restoring the Mill and its adjoining properties has been an ongoing dream of ours for some time, the Picture Main Street program, the Spring Street renewal projects, and the opportunity to work with such caring and forward thinking local, State, and federal government officials have made the proposition all the more attractive,” said Howard Cadmus, owner of Sweet Jenny's Ice Cream. “Putting the residents of a community first, including small business owners, has always been something we prize and we couldn't ask for better  more like minded partners in a project that does just that."

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