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Taglianetti Analysis: Clark & Cambria On Each Others' Case

(WBEN) Prosecutors say that Anthony Taglianetti (pictured L) knew of his wife's infidelity and drove from their Virginia home to confront  Clymer School Superintendent Keith Reed . But did he kill him? 

  Taglianetti, of Woodbridge, Va., is accused of driving to Clymer in Chautauqua County  in September 2012 and shooting the 51-year-old Reed outside his home. Reed was the superintendent of the Clymer school district.

Chautauqua County prosecutors say Taglianetti believed Reed was having an affair with Taglianetti’s wife.

Closing arguments in the case are expected Friday morning in Mayville. We  brought in our legal team to discuss it Friday morning on Buffalo's Early News.

WBEN's #1  Legal Analysts-- Former District Attorney Frank Clark & Nationally Known Defense Attorney Paul Cambria-  joined John Zach & Susan Rose Friday  morning to analyze the case as jurors began their deliberations.

HEAR CLARK AND CAMBRIA analyze the case, and even tease each other about being prosecutor and defenders.
Segment One: 
On The Case

"If I read the evidence, the way it's come out in the trial it seems to be a very strong case for the prosecution.... If I were a betting man I'd say the jury will come back with a guilty verdict in not a whole lot of time," -  Frank Clark

"The defense has clearly put together a circumstantial case... Frank's legs are already shaky" -- Paul Cambria

HEAR Clark & Cambria
Segment Two: On The Jury and Jury Consultants

"Some of the clients will actually take it further for you, with focus groups."
- Paul Cambria

" Quite frankly,  think juries are brought into the whole thing by the judge's instructions, so I think these peripheral issues become less important," 
-  Frank Clark

Segment Three: Would it have been better if Taglianetti took the stand in his own defense ?

"Sometimes witnesses are terrible, especially defendents. Unlike any other witness in the case, they are sitting there the mindset that any single mis-step in a word .. could be the end of me. " 
  - Cambria

"If you can keep a defendent off the stand, that's a victory of sorts. .. " 
     - Clark

Segment Four:  Closing Arguments on

"In most cases the simplest explanation is the truth. Here we have the classic situation of the cuckold who finds out of his wife's infidelity. "
- Clark

"My argument would be that Taglianetti went there to talk to him, Reed came out with his gun,they rolled around in some sort of skirmish , the gun went off, .. I thnk that's plausible.,"     - Cambria



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